Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Eggs, Make-overs, the mall, and MORE!

I'm a little behind today and have to rush this morning to head out and play Easter Bunny. Friday was a trip right here at home, but was enjoyed with guests; friends came over and we played board games. A nice break in the going going going that most weekends have been of late. We played battle of the sexes and I'm still not sure which sex won! The boys colored eggs (I am not ready for a months worth of egg salad sandwiches, but a mother has to do what a mother has to do). Hoping against hope the boys would still be interested in a egg hunt, and maybe finally we could use my zoo tickets before the expire I had issued an all out war on making a decision for Saturday plans. Noone seems to want to make the treck to the zoo, and my boys announced NO interest in such child things like Easter Egg hunts (although they still insisted that the Easter bunny make his rounds here...lucky me.)

 Let the dying begin!


So what then? Surprise surprise my gal pal called to remind me we had all signed up for make-overs at the mall. Although, I was really not at all interested in this at first, my GF sounded so excited and the family still had not made a sound decision. I agreed! So Saturday morning would be off to the mall, and Saturday afternoon, it was finally decided the YMCA and dinner at Red Robyn (again).
For someone who has not been to Destiny and Red Robyn in quite some time, I have been there a-lot lately.
Plan in place, make-overs at 11am, lunch with the girls,  fun at the YMCA, and dinner at Red Robyn.  So the story begins. Running late and CONVINCED that we had signed up at Macy's for the make-over and having decided that I might just skip it anyways, my one friend and I made it to the make-up counter and guess what? We were not scheduled. The kind woman offered to do them anyways and so my girlfiend begins her beautification. In the meantime, where is our other girlfriend? NOT HERE with US. We call, shes at Lord and Taylors getting her face on. OMG were at the wrong place. I head out to meet Mary at the correct location! WOW she is looking BEAUTIFUL!!!! I even tear up!!!! Tamara meets us, and WOW heres another beauty QUEEN!  Looking SO amazing I decided that I just had to join in on the fun. They offered free water and peppermint patty's (one of my favorite chocolates). The stylests were great, friendly and really made us look fantastic.
 Tammi before the makeover at Macy's!

 Here goes Mary's! I missed her before shot!!! Apparently she was the only one with her head on straight!
 Almost done! She looks angelic. She told me she already was! (angelic that is)

I have decided even with all of these products, I cannot be totally beautifed. Noted throughout all the things that need to be done. Hair, waxing of the lip and brows, not to mention get rid of that fat around my kneck. (as well as the rest of my body).

 Here is my before!!!!!!
 And After!!!!! Hair has got to GO!
I'm not sure what this guy was all about, but I thought he looked cool!!!Maybe beauty is only skin deep and this is what we all look like underneith!!!!
Although I have NEVER even in my VAIN days, and yes there were some, bought make-up from a counter and not a wall with a coupon, but I broke down and purchased 1/2's with Mary and spent $56.00 on two tiny items!!!! Still hitting myself and questioning if it was REALLY worth it? Plus the checkout girl toooooook FOOREVER!!! She was longer then the actual make-over!

Wall Shot! Could we have found ANYONE to take a trio shot? Of course not! Some people are SO rude!
After the wall shots we headed to the food court for (a quick, because it was NOW 1pm) lunch. I have not had Popeye's chicken since I was in my teens, and my GF Mary (here) and my other GF Carol (not with me here, but still good friends infact she joined us Friday night) lived together and my boyfriend at the time's best buddy worked at Popeye's and we lived off left-overs. Feeling a little remencent of those days I waited, and waited and waited in the Popeye's line! Finally, I took a detour got some God awful General Tao's Chicken with really bad tasting low main, and soy sauce on my shirt!!! DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT GET MALL CHINESE FOOD AGAIN! ( sorry if I offended any praisers of mall chinese food.) MINE SUCKED!  a little PO'd over my lunch, but happy with my beloved company! I smiled a smile that we ladies got to have fun getting beautifed together! They are both BEAUTIFUL women inside and out and so blessed to have them as my friends!  
My two beautiful friends eating a lunch they actually enjoyed! not from the Chinese place!

 The boys having fun in the pool!

The rest of the afternoon was spent at the YMCA in Fayetteville at the waterpark. Mary and I worked out in the gym. Of course my hubby had to comment how silly it was to get makeovers then go to the gym and swim, but so what! Went swimming, and soothed in the hot tub, before we chowed down at Red Robyn before we called it a full day. Got home and watched Psyche before the lids started to close and it was nite nite time! Happy Easter!


Friday, March 29, 2013

Flashback Friday: A Revolutionary Vacation 2007

I came a
cross our family trip to Philly and thought I would recount what I can recall of that trip for Flashback Friday. We started our Revolutionary vacation by spending our first day at Valley Forge. I wish I had better pictures, these are pictures of pictures in my scrapbooks, plus many of the pictures did not turn out to well in the first place. It was our family vacation 2007. Valley Forge was pretty neat, we got a first hand look at several artifacts from the revolutionary war, information on what life was like during the long harsh winter emcampment, and the kids even got to hold a bayonette. (SP).

 We all enjoyed a day enriched in 1777 history and learned about a time long ago. Actors in time period costumes told the stories of fighting for our rights to be come a country free of Britian. We visited remains of cabins and played pretend gun fights. I really enjoy learning about history, but it is even more exciting to learn with hands on activities. My step son was at the perfect age or this trip as he had just learned about the revolutionary war in school. He was our star narriator. All history out w bought some toy guns and my daughter obtained a triangled shaped hat we were off to the hotel for the night to get an early start for Philly the following day.

I had purchaed the Philadelphia City pass for us to take in the historical city adventure. But first we had to hit Independence Hall, the Liberty bell and the welcoming center.  We got into town so early the welcoming center was not open, and we were some of the first to come in, but it wasn't long after the crowds came after us. We got tickets for the second tour of the day 9:30am and found out later they were all sold out. We have saved urselves so many times by getting UP EARLY and getting right in. How cool is Independence Hall...VERY! We were treated to seats around the first congressional discussions and where the Declaration of Independence was originated. Men like George Washington, Ben Franklin and James Madison meet in these rooms debating and discussing some of the rights we have as Americans today. (I have been in the Whitehouse and this tour was actually more impressive.) We had an awsome tour guide who actually made the could be boring for the kids tour fun and exciting. Again my step son was the winner of all questions asked and answered.  So sorry I can't remember some of the I'm sure were impressive details, but it was supper cool.

By the time we got to the Liberty Bell, which if you didnt know you can no longer get to close and personal with, the kids were struggling. Tired, hungry and quite frankly tired of OLD stuff, fights started. All I remember of the Liberty Bell exhibit was rushing through, lots and lots and lots of people and my kids arguing. I made them get a picture in front of the bell, but the light from the window reflected poorly and all of their faces showed quite clearly how increadible pissed off they were!!! TIME for a lunch break and something with a little more child friendly atsmophere.  Off to Franklin Square for a picnic lunch and an AMAZING playground. It was great for the kids and my favorite.....IT IS FREE!!! We all had fun, and it was a much needed break. There was a balloonman in the park, and the kids all got balloon animals. The boys opted for balloon swords. We could have easily spent the entire day in the park, but my step son got hurt on the swings and we had sooo much more to see. There was this realy cooool AMERICAN themed putt putt golf course and a Carousel . So wished I took more pictures. Truly a great time. We headed to a musum accross from Franklin Square (I can't rcall the name) where the kids played and even became human chess pieces. 
 ONWARDS, we entered the National Consitution Center. There was everything and anything you can imagin here.  This hands on museum is incredible. We first enjoyed a film set in this awsome suround sound theater all about the PRIDE of America. It was called Freedom Rising. Even the kids enjoyed the sounds and sights of this informative film. On to the Story of the people, where cultures emerged and a framework for what it means to be an American developed. The kids all enjoyed standing at the Presidential Podiem. Signers Hall is pretty CRAZY cool!!!!  42 Bronze Statues of our founding fathers all lifesized. We had a blast trying to guess who was who. And we even got to sign the Declaration of Independence too! So Mad at my camera most of these pictures turned out blurry.
We spent the rest of the afternoon on the trolley that drove us all over the city. We got to see the famous Statue of the Thinker, and viewed the steps Rocky climbed right next to his statue. We even got a view of Betsy Ross's house. We could have easily spent more days just in the historical part of Philadelphia but we had a tight schedule and were on our way. We ended the days adventure at our hotel with a nice view of the harbor and a quick swim in the indoor pool. The kids got a kick at watching the ducktour boats launch from the street right into the harbor. We also had a view to NJ and the Aquarium we would be visiting the following day.

 The following day we made trip to the USS Olympia and a submarine. ( These were featured in Ghost Hunters well after our visit, but I didnt see any Ghosts on our visit.)  This was great fun to be on these old ships and actually see how small the quarters are inside a submarine. Sunday was FREEEEEE admission to Independence Seaport so off we went and enjoyed a good part of the morning learning about ships, and all things Marintine. After Independence seaport, we rushed to catch a ferryride to NJ for yet another adventure, but that was where all things Historical and Revolutionary ended on this vacation so I will conclude the rest of this amazing trip next time.
Everytime I re-live these family adventures I am reminded of how fortunate we have been to explore different places around the country. I have had so much fun reliving this trip. I hope you take a trip to philly too.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I am spending the day working on homework. Yes the kind that a teacher assigns and using books for research and all that fun stuff. I'm not at all thrilled, but it has to get done. I have three chapters to read, a paper to do and I really need to start getting my group presentation piece together. Oh I would much rather be daydreaming about a trip somewhere far far away. I guess my plane has been grounded. For now I will be attending to school, work and LIFE right here at home. Stilll dreaming.
After work today I will be attending a retirement party for a women I work with at my Volunteer job. Every other Monday I work at Vera House, an agency for domestic Violence and Anne had been my co-worker. She had been with Vera House for 26 years. I went to school with her son. I will miss our time together. Guess my trip today will be to rejoyce in a long positive career for a women well loved and dedicated to the people she served. All my best to Ms. Anne!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Doing some TIME Travel!

I am hosting a Close to My Heart Party this afternoon, as my other passion (other then travel) is scrapbooking. Not going anywhere, and quite honestly I am not sure who is planning to attend. If I get two of my gal pals to come, that will be more then I expected, but anyways. I have tons and tons and tons of scrapbooks and every once in a while I like to look at them and remember. Several of them have been dedicated to travels I have had. I was looking at our trip to Canada since I have been planning our camping trip in that direction and recalling the fun we had. We went when my two eldest were still interested in taking family trips; they are now 17 and 20, and apparently have their own much more exciting lives to attend to, plus they both work and we most always need someone home to dogsit, so it works out in everyones favor, but I digress. We did not have my step son with us, as his mother refused to let him come.  Crazy I know, but she was convinced that once accross the border, we might never come back! I told you it was crazy.  The little man really was little at the time too. Family trips have changed a bit since then and there has only been 1 big trip where all six of us went together and that was to Disney World in 2008. I think that was my eldests last and final family vacation, and I had to beg him to go with us.What kid does not want to go to Disney World and how did he end up being one of mine? I never will understand, but the Canada trip he was without a voice to decide against going, and I think he and his other two siblings had a pretty amazing time.
 Thought I would offer some highlites.

 Thinking I am looking very Young here!
 Clearly my Husband is NOT impressed by the blue raincoat! But he wore it the rest of the day. I will never figure him out!
The falls are amazing! Here we enjoyed riding the Maid of the Mist and hiking under the falls.
 At the outside of the Aquarium (American side) My eldest was picked to be in the seal show! I had pictures but they were so tiny and far away you could barely see him.)
 Outside the Gunnies Book of World Records attraction.(Canadian side) Kids sit on the seat for the worlds tallest man. We did not visit here. Just viewed the outside attractions. I posed in the heavest human's picture spot too.
We did surcome to the Ripley's believe it or not attraction and got to see some really STRANGE stuff. We ate at the Rainforest cafe and viewed the falls at night all lite up. Very PRETTY.
There are two parts to the Falls. The American Side and the Canadian Side. The American is parks and natural beauty. The Canadian side has natural beauty PLUS every kind of tourist adventure you can think of. We took in both! I personally have been to the falls in total 6 times. Once as a kid, three times with my elder children, one of those time during the winter months and it was a very different experience, once with my hubby and no children where we visited falls and the Fallsview casino, and this trip with the family. I think I can claim that I have done just about everything the area has to offer, but everytime is still be a great adventure and never gets old. I read in the Family Fun magazine that NF is one of the top family vacation spots under Natural Wonders. Can you tell I am itchen to get out of Central NY and go on vacation. So enjoyed the many trips I have taken and cannot wait for more. I am positive that the boys will enjoy this trip as much as I have enjoyed the area in the past. Niagara Falls is an area that never gets old.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

A little ROMANCE.....

Last evening, (I was forbidden to take any pictures) I attended a True Romance Party. Adults ONLY! This party was actually booked off my own party a few weeks back. My good friend hosted an evening of all those goodies you can purchase to help spice up the romance in your bedroom. They are always a good time, and I have been recommended as well as thought about becoming a sales consultant myself. I love the idea of the MONEY that SOME consultants make, and honest is SEX does sell, I just can't seem to bring myself to take the plunge. First being the buy in price to get started. (I keep being told how much product I will have for myself if I dont do the sales, but in all honesty, I'm not all that into most (99%) of the product in the first place.) What the heck would I do with $300- worth of sex enhancement products? (crickets chirp). 2nd- Is the Stigma. So' I'm not all about being so prude I don't think that this is some great fun and I do totally support a healthy sex life, I'm just hesitent to be like...oh yeah I sell dildoghs for a living. (Goodness I cant even spell them). 3d- I have SO many things going on in my life right now do I really want to take on one more thing? I have decided that I will let it rest for no. Get through my class, catch up on my other at home business- Scrapbooking, address my commitments to my volunteer job and find some organization at my real job. I still have a household to run, vacations to plan and take, and everything else that my life throws at me.
For my trip log, Friday evening took me about four houses down. I got to spend some time with deer friends, laugh, catch up, and meet some new people. Not much of a trip but a great time away from the ordinary that I am facing today...thats right REALITY! I've got a ton of regular things to do, grocery shopping, cleaning, coupon clipping, laundy, dishes, meal planning, homework, scrap prep for tomorrow, book reading and family time. I might even squeeze in a little ROMANCE with the husband later, after two Pure Romance parties AND some new batteries.....we might be looking at taking a trip of our own later tonight!  

Friday, March 22, 2013

Flash back Friday: Wonderworks Dec. 2012

 Upside down building. Interior near the ticket counter. View below is the upside down room.

I mentioned Wonderworks in a previous post so I thought that I would tell about our adventure there. Wonderworks is located in Destiny Mall in Syracuse and the exterior of the building is upside down. I believe the premis is that there was some time space mess up and the building flew and landed upside down. (I just looked it up and there was a labotory experiment gone wrong in the Burmuda triangle and a vortx swept the building away). Anyways....Admission is not cheep and the plan was to send the boys in on their own to save a little cash, but KIDS cannot go in alone. We fretted a little and finally, after a bill over $60-plus tax. I went in with them! It is cool! Basically it is all kinds of hands on science stuff. There is a wind tunnel, electric waves and water the flows upward
There is Mind a mind control booth. Were the boys attempted to beat one another at moving a ball with only their minds. My little guy beat me, and his brother. I was really trying hard. I was told after that the key is not to have ANYTHING going on in your head. NO wonder he kicked my butt! The boys raced against each other in electric race cars and attempted to outscore the other playing air hockey that was computer generated. There is NO puck and you play with your hands. Lights indicate where the puck is only. Really NEAT!
Water that flows UP!
. The shadow box, where the kids posed and a shadow was left on the wall.

 Playing a little GIANT sized SIMON! and sleeping on a bed of Nails. I actually did the nail bed too. Let me assure you they are indeed REAL nails!! and yes you could feel them poking you!

The wall of pixi sticks. I love how this picture turned out. It totally reminded me of Harrison Ford frozen in the Star Wars movie. There was a graviton machine and a moving indoor rocket, that for reasons I can never understand, both boys refused to engage in. I personally am a GET all you can GET kindof gal and was pushin for them to try it. No luck and honestly as much of a FREAK I am, I wasn't about to lock myself in a round metal ball and hang upside down either. I was into the rocket ride, but felt funny going by myself. It is for the kid isn't it? We did all enjoy the 3-d movie ride. These are always fun. Movies that interact with seats that move along with the picture, wind blowing in your face etc. We went on three different movie series. Rollercoasters, old mines/ghosts, and some rocket into space. I enjoyed this part the most. We ended the adventure playing with bubbles in the bubble area, checked out the cool puzzel pictures on the exit wall and called it a day. Hubby was waiting for us at the end.  
 Enjoying the Bubbes!
It was all fun! I'll admit, it is not something that I can see myself going to again anytime soon. I try and do things that I haven't done more then once, but there might come that day when. For now, we can say, we did it and we all enjoyed it!  Helpful hints for those who plan to attend. Admission price is for all day so if you want to go you can enjoy the mall and the meals and return later for more fun. We opted out and headed back home, but it could make for a full day event, and as I mentioned before there are SO many things to do at the mall too.
That wraps up a flashback Friday. Not much on the trip radar for this weekend. Looks like I might be on the down low for the next few days. Party this evening (Adult Romance) always a good time! Saturday might be CLEANING this place, but there is this cool camping/outdoor show at The Turningstone going on. So I might convince family to do that. Sunday I am hosting my own scrappin business party. ANYWAYS...ITS SNOWY AND COLD outside and the only trip I really want to take is to the TROPICS and I don't see that happening, so I might just warm up inside and travel in my mind to a good book.