Sunday, March 17, 2013

A little Irish on St. Patty's Day

I woke early to get a jump on the St. Patty's Day festivities and met up with my gal pal to pay tribute to the Irish by having breakfast at Coleman's Irish Pub in Syracuse. Coleman's is truly an authentic Irish pub and is housed in the middle of the area called Tipperary Hill in Syracuse's West end.  This area is dedicated to the Irish Americans and along with the Pub, there are a host of all things Irish including one of the only in the US Upside down stop light. The upside down stop light was even featured in a Jepordy question. We got a few picures outside of Coleman's before we enjoyed the $5- breakfast buffet.
 The leprechan phone booth and doorway.
The buffet was eggs, bacon, sausage and Irish potaoes. I didn't care for the hot spiced potatoes or the bacon, but the sausage and eggs were delish and who can argue with a five dollar b-fast surrounded by all things Irish, not to mention the fun warm people that were everywhere for this yearly event. We had to make our way to the Hosts Ted an Amy of 93Q radio station, and get a quick pic. Then get a chance at the 93Q prize digging into the pot of gold. We both only scored a green kiss me I'm Irish necklace, but we had tons of fun and scored a green plastic pipe from a friendly gentleman at the bar. He had tons of gems around his kneck including a cabbage. Tammi thought he was hitting on us when he informed us that if we were looking for the "beef" (to go with the cabbage) we just need to look down. A woman bhind us, got a 'little" leprechan by reaching into his pocket! We passed on that invite.

 Our Yummy Breakfast!
We had a great time viewing the amazing interior of the pub and I took a ton of pictures! I even made some comment (Of course this was back in my BC (before children) days) that this was perhaps the only time I had been inside when I wasn't intoxicated!!! This got a big laugh from the crowd!
 Ted and Amy of 93Q
 Here we are getting a picture with Ted and Amy of 93Q!
 One ofthe many guests at the pub. This was the guy Tammi said was flirting with us, see the cabbage?

 Some of the amazing stained glass that surrounds the buildings windows. and all of the beautiful woodwork. It is abslutely beautiful inside!
Outside in the Tipperary Hill area I got some pictures of the area sculptures and tributes to the Irish Americans, including the infamous Traffic light!

 I'm not sure who this guy was/is, but he looked lonely and needed a friend to sit with!
 Coming to America the land of the free. Although I dont think they had the silly hat, scarfs or beer mug around their kneck.

 In my bachlorette days (BC) i lived with my girlfriends one block over from this pub in the Tipperary Hill area! Iad to drive by to remember a day long long ago!
Enterance into Tripperary Hill is this statue. Another guy I dont know and didn't take the time to read about. He stands at the tip of the Irish neighborhood, welcoming the community!

Thinking we had not had enough IRISH we did a quick stop at my parents house said hi to my Mom and Dad, then headed to Dunk n Bright ( Dunken O' Bright during the month of March) furniture for FREE Irish coffee!!!!! It was SOOO good! We did a little shopping in the bargin basement....NO SALE!!! But the coffee was great!
 Me and my mom!
 Having a coffee with some irish cream at Dunk and Bright. This was my first job when I was about 14 years old. I was a Irish server and made these drinks for the patrons during the Irish bargin party!
Just love these little guys! Arn't they cute? What a fun filled morning. Then I was off to home to get the boys lunch and ready for our FREE movie! I'll save that trip for Monday's log! HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY!!!!!!