Saturday, March 23, 2013

A little ROMANCE.....

Last evening, (I was forbidden to take any pictures) I attended a True Romance Party. Adults ONLY! This party was actually booked off my own party a few weeks back. My good friend hosted an evening of all those goodies you can purchase to help spice up the romance in your bedroom. They are always a good time, and I have been recommended as well as thought about becoming a sales consultant myself. I love the idea of the MONEY that SOME consultants make, and honest is SEX does sell, I just can't seem to bring myself to take the plunge. First being the buy in price to get started. (I keep being told how much product I will have for myself if I dont do the sales, but in all honesty, I'm not all that into most (99%) of the product in the first place.) What the heck would I do with $300- worth of sex enhancement products? (crickets chirp). 2nd- Is the Stigma. So' I'm not all about being so prude I don't think that this is some great fun and I do totally support a healthy sex life, I'm just hesitent to be like...oh yeah I sell dildoghs for a living. (Goodness I cant even spell them). 3d- I have SO many things going on in my life right now do I really want to take on one more thing? I have decided that I will let it rest for no. Get through my class, catch up on my other at home business- Scrapbooking, address my commitments to my volunteer job and find some organization at my real job. I still have a household to run, vacations to plan and take, and everything else that my life throws at me.
For my trip log, Friday evening took me about four houses down. I got to spend some time with deer friends, laugh, catch up, and meet some new people. Not much of a trip but a great time away from the ordinary that I am facing today...thats right REALITY! I've got a ton of regular things to do, grocery shopping, cleaning, coupon clipping, laundy, dishes, meal planning, homework, scrap prep for tomorrow, book reading and family time. I might even squeeze in a little ROMANCE with the husband later, after two Pure Romance parties AND some new batteries.....we might be looking at taking a trip of our own later tonight!