Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I am spending the day working on homework. Yes the kind that a teacher assigns and using books for research and all that fun stuff. I'm not at all thrilled, but it has to get done. I have three chapters to read, a paper to do and I really need to start getting my group presentation piece together. Oh I would much rather be daydreaming about a trip somewhere far far away. I guess my plane has been grounded. For now I will be attending to school, work and LIFE right here at home. Stilll dreaming.
After work today I will be attending a retirement party for a women I work with at my Volunteer job. Every other Monday I work at Vera House, an agency for domestic Violence and Anne had been my co-worker. She had been with Vera House for 26 years. I went to school with her son. I will miss our time together. Guess my trip today will be to rejoyce in a long positive career for a women well loved and dedicated to the people she served. All my best to Ms. Anne!