Tuesday, March 12, 2013


It's a rainy Tuesday in middle March and I have been itchen to take a TRIP anywhere to anything.  I actually have taken the day off to nurture a headache and address some additional pains, and really should be resting, but as I noted I have been craving an adventure and to cure my fits, I did some blogging and spent the last four hours reading up on OTHER people's trips. NOW, I just want to GO somewhere even more. Well finances, work, school and the like have limited me to going right now, but what I did decide was that I can start a blog of my own. Now, I may not be one of those stop my life, sell my posessions, quit my job, buy an RV and hit the open road gals right now, but I do get around and I do know more then anything that this blog will both be a record of my trips as well as a motivator towards the day when I can quit my job, sell the house (well maybe), hit the open road and live gypsy style accross the USA! For now....I will just post my mini trips, my weekend adventures, my monthly marchs with friends, my summer retreats, any little get a ways. So where do I start.....Let me see.. So not so far from home, but definately a note worthly trip I shall include is my monthly Folksmarch. These monlthy events are founded off the even larger Volksmarch. Mine just is centrally located and these walks just happen to be in places within the area of my home. Every month my gal pals and I spend a Saturday at where ever the walk is to be held and walk anywhere from 1-3miles while taking in the local areas. Since we started doing this in November of 2011. We have been to Beaver Lake, Skenelates, Eastwood, Onedia Lake and this month we went to Destiny USA. It seems pretty silly, but I am having such a GREAT time. This relativly new tradition generally includes some local history and lunch at a resturant with some ties to that area. Here are some highlights.
here we all are after the walk at Gordon Biersch Brewery Resturant.
A few in house micro beers!

I am totally a burger and fries kind of girl and enjoyed this bacon cheese burger with the signature garlic fries! YUMMY! I split my burger with Mary and had the grilled chicken and also hit up the sweet potato fries. (Admitting I liked those fries more) ALL was delicious!
If doing the folksmarch is for watching our weight, FORGET ABOUT it, cauz we always ruin it with the meal!!!!!
.  Destiny USA is centrally located in Syracuse, NY. This LONG time coming mall has been a political and economical nightmare for the area for so many years that it has become more of a I would rather go to the strip malls or smaller malls located on the outskirts, just to make a statement then go there, but I actually enjoyed myself. The Mall had previously been call Carousel Mall until  the last year.  After 8 plus years of debate about plans around expansion, loss jobs, piles and piles and piles of unused materials that sat, misused taxes, and discusssion around incorporating conference centers, water parks, hotels and ammusment parks, Destiny USA has finally taken steps towards becoming a mall to compete with the Malls of America. It has also from what I understand a mall that has taken on an ECO worthy building with air powered energy, parking spots desinated to econo cars and solar pannels. I honestly do not know the whole story, but there is a sign that reports it is an ECO environment. No ammusment parks or hotels just yet, but it does have most of the loved shops, Wonderworks, a canyon climb a raceway, a Comedy Club and a ton of Resturants! The girls and I plan to come back and see a show after dinner at Tobt Keiths bar and grill.
The cool interior
 A Car from the raceway.
One thing is I am is CHEEP! And I cannot stop cheering for my Mall score on this TRIP!!! We hit up the Sears Outlet and all winter apparal already mark down deep was an additional 75% off. I got my beautiful isotoner $42-gloves and owl slippers for a total of $2.23. Scored at Bath and Body with $30 dollars in product for just $10- and FREE paint at Ace Hardwear. Not to mention I signed up to get my next BG meal at $10- off! what a Fun adventure, and how ironic my first POST about my travels started at a place called DESTINY USA!!!!! (no that was not totally planned).
I have big plans for this weekend! Cant wait to recap on my next big travel log!