Sunday, March 24, 2013

Doing some TIME Travel!

I am hosting a Close to My Heart Party this afternoon, as my other passion (other then travel) is scrapbooking. Not going anywhere, and quite honestly I am not sure who is planning to attend. If I get two of my gal pals to come, that will be more then I expected, but anyways. I have tons and tons and tons of scrapbooks and every once in a while I like to look at them and remember. Several of them have been dedicated to travels I have had. I was looking at our trip to Canada since I have been planning our camping trip in that direction and recalling the fun we had. We went when my two eldest were still interested in taking family trips; they are now 17 and 20, and apparently have their own much more exciting lives to attend to, plus they both work and we most always need someone home to dogsit, so it works out in everyones favor, but I digress. We did not have my step son with us, as his mother refused to let him come.  Crazy I know, but she was convinced that once accross the border, we might never come back! I told you it was crazy.  The little man really was little at the time too. Family trips have changed a bit since then and there has only been 1 big trip where all six of us went together and that was to Disney World in 2008. I think that was my eldests last and final family vacation, and I had to beg him to go with us.What kid does not want to go to Disney World and how did he end up being one of mine? I never will understand, but the Canada trip he was without a voice to decide against going, and I think he and his other two siblings had a pretty amazing time.
 Thought I would offer some highlites.

 Thinking I am looking very Young here!
 Clearly my Husband is NOT impressed by the blue raincoat! But he wore it the rest of the day. I will never figure him out!
The falls are amazing! Here we enjoyed riding the Maid of the Mist and hiking under the falls.
 At the outside of the Aquarium (American side) My eldest was picked to be in the seal show! I had pictures but they were so tiny and far away you could barely see him.)
 Outside the Gunnies Book of World Records attraction.(Canadian side) Kids sit on the seat for the worlds tallest man. We did not visit here. Just viewed the outside attractions. I posed in the heavest human's picture spot too.
We did surcome to the Ripley's believe it or not attraction and got to see some really STRANGE stuff. We ate at the Rainforest cafe and viewed the falls at night all lite up. Very PRETTY.
There are two parts to the Falls. The American Side and the Canadian Side. The American is parks and natural beauty. The Canadian side has natural beauty PLUS every kind of tourist adventure you can think of. We took in both! I personally have been to the falls in total 6 times. Once as a kid, three times with my elder children, one of those time during the winter months and it was a very different experience, once with my hubby and no children where we visited falls and the Fallsview casino, and this trip with the family. I think I can claim that I have done just about everything the area has to offer, but everytime is still be a great adventure and never gets old. I read in the Family Fun magazine that NF is one of the top family vacation spots under Natural Wonders. Can you tell I am itchen to get out of Central NY and go on vacation. So enjoyed the many trips I have taken and cannot wait for more. I am positive that the boys will enjoy this trip as much as I have enjoyed the area in the past. Niagara Falls is an area that never gets old.