Friday, March 29, 2013

Flashback Friday: A Revolutionary Vacation 2007

I came a
cross our family trip to Philly and thought I would recount what I can recall of that trip for Flashback Friday. We started our Revolutionary vacation by spending our first day at Valley Forge. I wish I had better pictures, these are pictures of pictures in my scrapbooks, plus many of the pictures did not turn out to well in the first place. It was our family vacation 2007. Valley Forge was pretty neat, we got a first hand look at several artifacts from the revolutionary war, information on what life was like during the long harsh winter emcampment, and the kids even got to hold a bayonette. (SP).

 We all enjoyed a day enriched in 1777 history and learned about a time long ago. Actors in time period costumes told the stories of fighting for our rights to be come a country free of Britian. We visited remains of cabins and played pretend gun fights. I really enjoy learning about history, but it is even more exciting to learn with hands on activities. My step son was at the perfect age or this trip as he had just learned about the revolutionary war in school. He was our star narriator. All history out w bought some toy guns and my daughter obtained a triangled shaped hat we were off to the hotel for the night to get an early start for Philly the following day.

I had purchaed the Philadelphia City pass for us to take in the historical city adventure. But first we had to hit Independence Hall, the Liberty bell and the welcoming center.  We got into town so early the welcoming center was not open, and we were some of the first to come in, but it wasn't long after the crowds came after us. We got tickets for the second tour of the day 9:30am and found out later they were all sold out. We have saved urselves so many times by getting UP EARLY and getting right in. How cool is Independence Hall...VERY! We were treated to seats around the first congressional discussions and where the Declaration of Independence was originated. Men like George Washington, Ben Franklin and James Madison meet in these rooms debating and discussing some of the rights we have as Americans today. (I have been in the Whitehouse and this tour was actually more impressive.) We had an awsome tour guide who actually made the could be boring for the kids tour fun and exciting. Again my step son was the winner of all questions asked and answered.  So sorry I can't remember some of the I'm sure were impressive details, but it was supper cool.

By the time we got to the Liberty Bell, which if you didnt know you can no longer get to close and personal with, the kids were struggling. Tired, hungry and quite frankly tired of OLD stuff, fights started. All I remember of the Liberty Bell exhibit was rushing through, lots and lots and lots of people and my kids arguing. I made them get a picture in front of the bell, but the light from the window reflected poorly and all of their faces showed quite clearly how increadible pissed off they were!!! TIME for a lunch break and something with a little more child friendly atsmophere.  Off to Franklin Square for a picnic lunch and an AMAZING playground. It was great for the kids and my favorite.....IT IS FREE!!! We all had fun, and it was a much needed break. There was a balloonman in the park, and the kids all got balloon animals. The boys opted for balloon swords. We could have easily spent the entire day in the park, but my step son got hurt on the swings and we had sooo much more to see. There was this realy cooool AMERICAN themed putt putt golf course and a Carousel . So wished I took more pictures. Truly a great time. We headed to a musum accross from Franklin Square (I can't rcall the name) where the kids played and even became human chess pieces. 
 ONWARDS, we entered the National Consitution Center. There was everything and anything you can imagin here.  This hands on museum is incredible. We first enjoyed a film set in this awsome suround sound theater all about the PRIDE of America. It was called Freedom Rising. Even the kids enjoyed the sounds and sights of this informative film. On to the Story of the people, where cultures emerged and a framework for what it means to be an American developed. The kids all enjoyed standing at the Presidential Podiem. Signers Hall is pretty CRAZY cool!!!!  42 Bronze Statues of our founding fathers all lifesized. We had a blast trying to guess who was who. And we even got to sign the Declaration of Independence too! So Mad at my camera most of these pictures turned out blurry.
We spent the rest of the afternoon on the trolley that drove us all over the city. We got to see the famous Statue of the Thinker, and viewed the steps Rocky climbed right next to his statue. We even got a view of Betsy Ross's house. We could have easily spent more days just in the historical part of Philadelphia but we had a tight schedule and were on our way. We ended the days adventure at our hotel with a nice view of the harbor and a quick swim in the indoor pool. The kids got a kick at watching the ducktour boats launch from the street right into the harbor. We also had a view to NJ and the Aquarium we would be visiting the following day.

 The following day we made trip to the USS Olympia and a submarine. ( These were featured in Ghost Hunters well after our visit, but I didnt see any Ghosts on our visit.)  This was great fun to be on these old ships and actually see how small the quarters are inside a submarine. Sunday was FREEEEEE admission to Independence Seaport so off we went and enjoyed a good part of the morning learning about ships, and all things Marintine. After Independence seaport, we rushed to catch a ferryride to NJ for yet another adventure, but that was where all things Historical and Revolutionary ended on this vacation so I will conclude the rest of this amazing trip next time.
Everytime I re-live these family adventures I am reminded of how fortunate we have been to explore different places around the country. I have had so much fun reliving this trip. I hope you take a trip to philly too.