Thursday, March 14, 2013

Free Rings and Caveman Things!

One of the 15 or so tickets I attempted to print.

This was funny, I got this for being a loyal customer, It has been nearly a year or so since I have entered a Red Robin, but hey, I'm down with it!
I mentioned that I am CHEEP right. Well I have been frantically searching for a weekend adventure that wont bust my budget and I was blessed to find four FREE tickets to view a private screening of the new movie The Croods!!!! Thing is, my printer will ONLY print one of the four now I have like 12 tickets with only ONE number for ONE admission. I tried everything, I even wrote and called the company....they just referred me back to my site. Anyways, I'm gonna try to print them at work. CROSS your fingers. I had several months ago purchased via groupon four tickets to the Utica Zoo in Utica NY for $6-. I figured $6- is a fair deal for an admission to a zoo and I got a coupon for a FREE onion tower at Red Robin...YUM! (I just had to do that). Having heard that the Utica Zoo has nothing on our local Zoo, I racked my brain to see if there was anything in the area we could do as well and decided that we could take a peek at Fort Standwix in Rome, NY. Hey and guess what? Admission is FREE! I am SOO ready to get AWAY from it all! Friday night I got a date with the Girls for LADIES night (I do not know what we have planned), Saturday it's off to Utica and Rome, Sunday, if I ever get these tickets printed it's back to DESTINY, and if I'm lucky and I can get the boys moving at 7am on ST PAT"S day were off to have an Irish Breakfast. (i'm thinking this might be a close girlfriend trip, but we shall see). So it's not a trip cross country, and I dont have any need to find a hotel, but it is a trip and I plan to have MANY MANY MORE!