Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Just a trip note.

Everything is officially booked for this summer's big vacations. I have finalized the camping trip and Niagara Falls and it looks like two of my GF will be joining us with their family. I love when several of us go together. Jellystone in about three weeks, and Maine in July. I am totally excited about both. This will be a meloncolic week. Friday is my last day of work. Ironically it is also my first PR party. I have been a little nervous of late, as a former debt. has shown it's ugly head and although I was unaware of it, apparently the creditors are not! It appears at this point there is nothing I can do but allow them to "garnish" my income, take my property/possessions and seize my bank account. I have been feeling pretty helpless, as I am POWERLESS over this situation. It really sucks when you have been trying to take care of past mistakes, and you keep thinking your accomplishing something and moving forwards only to find out that there is another thing over your head. Trying to feel happy that at least I have what I have in my life, but it sure does SUCK. Thanks for listening.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Pure Romance

Sunday was spent on a little trip to my first team meeting for my new business, Pure Romance. I think I must have mentioned on here that I finally took the plunge and joined the Pure Romance team. If I hadn't....well I have. What is Pure Romance? Well, it is what your already thinking, but it already isn't what your already thinking. Yes it is adult novelties, but it's more then that. It's education and empowerment with a big dish of fun! I educate women on sexual health, empower women to feel good about their sexual choices and we have a lot of fun in the process through games, prizes a little raunchiness and time for us ladies to enjoy each others company. Is it a little bit of a stretch? Absolutely. I knew I wanted to do something different and I have always joked about it in the past, so when the opportunity came around.....and many hours of should I's? I finally did it. I already am a scrapbooking consultant and yes I absolutely love it. What I don't love is that I don't sell. Could I work it harder? I guess, but I have been trying that for six years and I typically end up being my best customer, and barely make my monthly minimum. I knew I wasn't a make up girl and I own very little jewelry, so I knew I couldn't sell that kind of stuff. I also can't cook and would rather pay $3- for a cookie sheet at the thrifty store then $50- through one of those party people, and although I LOVE candles.....I can buy those anywhere and usually with a coupon. People sell that shit all the time, but selling intimacy? Well that's the kind of stuff you can't buy, plus it's the experience. I can say it wasn't an easy choice and I have yet to reap the benefits, but I am going to give it my best effort.

So I had my first team meeting and there were a lot more people there then I expected. I quickly tried to make some new friends, participated in the questions and volunteered anytime I could. I came home with a ton of idea's, a little more nervousness but excitement, but also some positive energy, a T-shirt, decal and some small prizes to give for my first party. My first party is Friday. I have 4 people who have said yes. Three maybe four who have verbal plans of attending and 10 maybes on my invite list. Plus it looks like my friend Carol will be bringing a few friends as well. I am both TERRIFIED and excited. So here I go.....making a change and taking a risk. Yikes. Wish me LUCK!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Zoo's Fort's and Domestic Violence. Quite the combo

We left early this morning to make use of my Groupon from about three months ago to the Utica Zoo. I had heard it would be a big disappointment, but we actually had a very good time. Utica is about an hours drive from Syracuse and just past the Turning Stone Casino. We arrived just as the Zoo was opening and I finally got to use my $6- admission for the family.

It turned out to be a beautiful day and we experienced some animals that we don't always see at our local zoo. Gavin made friends with a goat, and we learned that emu's make a very strange noise that sounds closely to water running in pipes. It took us forever to figure out where the noise was coming from, and soon found that everytime we approached the emu's we heard the sound.

We had much enjoyment watching the seal lions and the boys had fun climbing on the jungle gym and tracking the animal prints along the trails.

We had all heard this strange yelling noise only to find it was a peacock (pea fowl) and I got some pictures up close. We tried everything to get that guy to open his wings and fly like a peacock (mark Walberg), but he just kept strutting around and making that  screech sound.

 We saw more animals and enjoyed the trail through the woods first stopping at the lions, there were two cubs and they we cute! We all continued into the woods and kept the what made this print game until we rounded the bend and viewed the ostrich that had made up laugh as we had pulled into the parking lot. We ended the zoo with a view of the monkey's and Gavin took one last trip to say goodbye to "his" goat. It actually had been an enjoyable time. Tisk tisk to those who told me to expect to be disappointed.
 Following the lion prints to the lion cages.
 The boys playing the who left this print.

We all really had a great time at the Utica Zoo, but by now we were ready for some lunch, and something a little different. I had suggested a picnic lunch, but was overruled so we hit up a Denny's in Rome NY, just across the street from The next stop on our day trip. Fort Stanwix.
I enjoyed a burger and fries. This burger had everything ready for a heart attack. Eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and finally the burger. It was yummy! We thought about ordering the bacon brownie. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Infact there were three deserts that included bacon. I took a picture of the menu.
 Talk about bacon overload. There was bacon on all four plates for this meal.
 My heart attack on a plate. (bacon)
bacon. My hubby had the same burger I had...with bacon. We decided against the bacon deserts.
After lunch we headed across the street to the National Park Fort Stanwix. I wish I could be a better historian, but the kids blew by the information section of the welcoming center and we headed right to the fort. I got some great pictures however and I will try to tell what I do know.

What I do know was we were preparing to fight the war against the British and there was a lot of trading with the Natives. There were several historical characters walking about the fort, but the only one who presented us with information only talked about the trading post and how one traveled to get to Fort Stanwix. There did not appear to be any lakes nearby, so I had asked. Apparently there is or at least was rivers/lakes etc. It was one of those, so sorry I asked types of questions because I REALLY just wasn't that interested, and he told me more then I needed to know. The for itself is actually pretty neat. It has every room outfitted with appropriate d├ęcor along with a brief reading on what each room was for. We took our own walking tour through the fort and examined artifacts from the past. Once again I am still at a loss on if this fort was ever attacked whom exactly we were protecting ourselves from and what was really going on at the time. Perhaps I should do a little research, but I am pressed for time this morning. Highlight of the fort was the firing of the cannon. We stayed around twice to see this in action and it was totally cool. The boys loved it. Preparation and BANG!!!!!!
 The boys checking out the guns. Or are they called riffles or bayonets?
 Love this one!!! Looking all serious in a coat. The playing silly as a rocker!!

 These cuties were with their mother and portraying colonial children. They were all over the fort and seemed to be having a good time.
" First they crossed the Hudson and then the blah blah blag river into the five mile hike to the blah blah blah" I had stopped listening at some point.  
This free park was filled with curiosity and the boys enjoyed locking each other up in the tiny windowed buildings that resembled outhouses, crawling in dark narrow halls under ground and climbing on the forts well developed to protect landscape.

They had to prepare the cannon first and clear the area.

 Preparing for a cannon blast! This took quite a bit of time and they needed to wait at least ten minutes before their next demonstration.

 Preparing the presenters for another cannon blast. The drummer preps the crowd and prepares us as well.
 Lite the cannon and BOOM!!!!

 this little guy was so cute. he was filling the rain buckets with rocks. He played there for several minutes.
We all enjoyed the time spent at Fort Stanwix. The boys really had fun, and although I was not given a history lesson. I enjoyed what we did learn and thought it was cool to look at the items and rooms. It was definitely a day well spent. Funny because my youngest was so against going anywhere or doing anything yesterday morning. I think he enjoyed the day more then the rest of us. He already asked when we can return to the zoo to visit his goat. I don't know what or why he has identified this connection. It might be a long time or ever if we return, but I'm not telling him that. New adventures next time.

After such a wonderful trip taking day, one would think I had had enough, which I actually did and was ready to crawl into my bed and conk out, but I had planned a date night with Tami to attend the Clean Slate Diaries. An evening of empowerment for survivors of sexual and domestic abuse. This FREE event was offered to the community to hear and see voices speaking out about DV and SA. The first hour was open to vendors and art work. After that were presentations. Tami and I enjoyed asking questions of the local vendors and scoring free pens, bags and I got a great pin that I can use for my new business. The performances we entertaining, and we both enjoyed this. The one victim story we listened to brought tears to my eyes and I truly was inspired by the dance that encouraged people to speak out. Although we did not stay for the whole performance it was an entertaining evening that provoked thought and consideration. I enjoyed seeing people I knew and thinking about what my next step will be as references made me think about possibilities in the future for referrals and employment.
 Here is some of the art and demonstrators.
 Renee Devisty was the originator of the Clean Slate Diaries. She shared her stories and gratitude for the annual clean slate event which has gotten larger each year.
 musical performers.
 Emma Walsh spoke about her rape. A young women who is not allowing herself to remain a victim and using her voice to bring power to others and empowering herself.
 This band sang the popular some "Home" we all sung along.
 Oswego graphics presentation. Art work was presented along with a survivors story. So sad, but Hopeful.
 The last scene of the first act was my favorite and although it was only dance and no words it was incredibly meaningful for me. The dance began as one women with no voice is offered support, and as they danced together, others joined in and the dance got bigger and the message got stronger. Tami expressed her gratitude for being invited and wished that we could stay longer, but I was tired too and her daughter was stuck with my boys back home.
We shared our thoughts as it definitely provokes thoughts before we pulled into my drive. Her daughter was happy to go home. Boys can be SO boring. Mark and I watched D'dango Unchained and I loved that too. WOW what a FULL FULL FULL day.