Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Care to buy a book? Working the School Book Fair.

Monday I was free of any commitments except I had volunteered to work at my son's school Book Fair! Not a trip exactally, but somethhing a little different. For any parent out there who feels obligated to every once in a while present themselves to an activity to help their child's school knows your not really doing it for fun, but more out of obligation. (Now some of you may disagree). There is a big difference from being a room parent and serving on the PTO. I have been both! Room parents enjoy the opportunity because they are involved with their kids, they get to be invited into the world of elementary class parties, cup cakes, games, crafts, and all the excitement of that special day. When it comes to PTO comittiments like calling companies for donations, working the door to some school event, or maning the cash machine at the school book fair....it aint so fun!!!! I have not been a room parent or on the PTO in years, so I was surprised to be asked to volunteer in the first place, but there was that obligation. What made it less fun..is once you stop being a room parent or a member of the PTO, (for whatever reason and that is a story much to long to tell on my trip blog) you become exiled! Forgotten! That parental cliche you were once a part of has changed and moved on with their child, and for those that are still there.....they KNOW your not!
 I kindof felt "out" of the group. I did my shift, enjoyed the kids, (although Elementary teacher I could never be...) and took the first plane out of dodge the minute I could. A few years ago, I might have headed the planning of all this, been on top of dates for fund raiser, aware of budgets, presented ideas for activities, today I am just not that girl. I have no interest in those people. Now maybe I sound a little harsh, and perhaps I am lumping several people into a group that is unfair, but I have found that when it comes to the people who are a part of "these" activities there is a certain CODE that comes along with it.The code is unwritten, but it is there in BLACK and WHITE!  Ironically, it's like elementary school. There are your "in" groups and your not so in groups. Youv'e got the Queen Bee and her drones, and once your out with the Queen Bee, your service is no longer needed. I am only speaking from experience and only about the PTO. Room Parents have the few moments to exchange discussion within the classroom over how increadilbly cute their child looks in his/her Halloween costume, so the code there is a little different. I apparently have some unresolved issues with this and much to little time to expand, so I will be summerize. I did my vounteer shift, messed up the registar, saw my own child briefly (which he loved and probally why  I do these things in the first place) and bought two books and two posters for him to enjoy. So to better and more cheerfully say. It was nice to do something a little differnt despite how uncomfortable I was about it. My son was happy his mom was at his school, he got some books, and a ride home from school! It all worked out in the end, and thats what is is about in parenthood, not about repressed nonesence arond not fitting in.
  So come buy a book, expand your immagination and examine your reasons for doing what you do.