Wednesday, April 10, 2013

CSI: Special Victims Unit and raising awareness to Domestic Violence.

Yesterday I had my monthly inservice meeting with Vera House; a domestic violence agency that services the community to prevent, treat and support victims (and there is a class for offenders of DV) of Domestic Violence. I volunteer every other Monday on the crisis call line and attend a monthly inservice focusing on DV. This months inservice was presented by the Special Victims Unit: Sexual Abuse Victims. A well versed officer (I can't recall his name) offered a step by step guide on the legal procedures of all/any sex based offences. This presentation was to help people like myself provide and understand the legalities of sexual assult laws to be an informer and support to victims. It was all very interesting. There are so many codes and pieces that make up what charges can be brought to the perpertator beyond what one might think. I actually learned quite a bit, and it was neat to be a part of the Special victims unit for one night. (Although what a horrific day in and day out job that must be). Interesting but depressing that there are these people out there.
This month just happens to be Domestic Violence Awareness month and there are a ton of community events to help raise awareness and END DV. The White Ribbon Campagin kick off event; a breakfast, was held yesterday morning, and there are several other events throughout the next few weeks. I am selling ribbons, bracelets and pins to help promote awareness and will be maning post next week at the Clothsline event. I am so grateful that there is an agency that provides these services and recognizes the need for our community. With every ribbon I sell and every face that see's it on my shirt, I am hoping that it will prompt at least one women to tell, one child to be protected, or one person to STOP their attack. I will be presenting domestic violence awareness in my group today to further educate my limited part of the community. Glad to be a part of this!