Friday, April 26, 2013

Flashback Friday: Atlantic City 2002

This will have to be a real Flash in the back Friday. I mentioned that I got a new computer so all my pictures are still in the old computers hard drive including some I apparently deleted from my camera...quite upset with myself. But anyways, I needed to quick pull up some old pictures and I found my first ever trip with my hubby the year we got married. Atlantic City, New Jersey. It was also the weekend my youngest was conceived. I wont give you the details. Let me see if I can retrieve my pictures. Aha!!! New computer works. I just cant figure out how to turn the sideways ones right side up. Sorry these pictures are scrapped. There were also my very first few scrapbooking pages and back then, circles were in. I also actually added a journal back then and I weighed about a hundred pounds less too.  WOW! things have changed.

Atlantic City!!! What can one say? Smaller then Vegas, but much closer and next to a beach. This was my first time ever going to Atlantic City and first time ever being in a casino outside of the Turning Stone. This trip was both exciting because I had never been to AC, and 2nd it was Mark and my first real vacation. We had actually come down to NJ to attend a friends wedding, and detoured to AC after.  We stayed at Trump Plaza resort and casino right on the beach for an overnight before returning to NY. We enjoyed gaming in Trump, the Taj Mahal, and Ceasers, where we proceeded to loose most of our money. This should have been my first clue. But beyond spending a ton of money we had a ton of fun. We headed to the boardwalk and enjoyed the beach (we went off season and there was no way we were swimming), dinner at Hard Rock CafĂ©, and kid games off the pier. The only winnings we came home with was the stuffed Sponge Bob Mark won for the kids back home. On our trip along the boardwalk I stopped to get my fortune read....I was informed I would be having twins in my future. Thank goodness that was far from the truth. We really had a great time together. Recalling these old pictures makes me miss what we had going in the beginning. I sure wish we could get back to those romantic days. Nearly 13 years later I guess you have to work harder at it.