Friday, April 5, 2013

Flashback Friday!!!: CANADIAN THEMEPARKS 2006

In my strict irtinnary, I had not included Marineland! I had heard it was a poorly laid out park, with miles of walking and limited thrills. I had planned a day at Lake Niagara instead. However, my daughter had broken her arm about two weeks before our trip and thought it would simply be cruel to take her to a beach area for the day when she couldn't really swim. Sorry she broke her arm, but glad we went to MARINELAND! We had the best time!
The Adventure started the minute we crossed the gate, and headed to friendship cove, home of the Killer whales. We were able to get right up to the tank and were warned about the SPLASH zone. My eldest stayed right in the ZONE and got SOAKED! We all enjoyed watching the whales jump and do tricks. Next we a trip to see the Beluga Whales at Artic Cove. These guys were so cute.

You could pay to feed and pet them, but we enjoyed just getting so close.  They kind of look like dolphins with bumps in their head. They were really friendly.
The Bears had to be my favorite part. These playful guys were all about showing off for the crowd. The enclosure afforded people the opportunity to throw them food to eat and these guys were going CRAZY for marshmellows that some family were providing. The would stand on two legs climb over one another and push each other off rocks. They were not as interested, but still enjoyed the goldfish crackers we tossed.   I could have watched these guys for hours, they were so much fun.
We enjoyed a few of the rides scattered about the animal themed park, and yes there was alot of walking, before we had a nice lunch and got prepared for the dolphins, seals, and walruses (Sp) at Kind Waldof's Stadium. We got front row seats...minus the splash area!
 The dolphins. They were definatey the stars of the show as they did their leaps and flips.

these Walrus's showed off their BRAIN power with mathmatical tricks and rolls on the stage. 
This GIANT seal (picture is sideways sorry), was so close we could have reached out and touched him, but who would DARE...just look at those teeth. He didn't flinch the entire time. If I recall he was suppose to be guarding something. No one was getting past this guy!
 On to the Deer enclosure. These guys were EVERYWHERE!  I am NOT to terribly fond of these "petting" zoo's. On at least one other occation I had a goat nearly scare me off my legs when he bleatted in my ear, and these deer at Marine land were like starving zombies attacking their prey. They were at you EVERYWHERE if you had a ice cream cone filled with pellets. I dont think I had ever seen anything quite like it. These guys had to be my least favorite part. Not only were they hungry like Zombies, but they were pretty unkempt with missing fur, and large abscess on their bodies. To be totally honest I was pretty freaked out by these guys. The kids didn't seem to care, they kind of enjoyed being ambushed by the packs. Stay the Freak away from me.
 My daughter and hubby trecked up the center hill to the Sky Scrambler ride, while the boys and I soaked up a little sun. We wrapped up the surprisingly fun day with a visit from King Waldorf himself, and took in a few more rides before calling it a day.
 It was a super fun day! Would recommed another trip!
 The next day we went a little father North and made our way to Paramounts WONDERLAND! This Giant Ammusment park, although rated highly, I disliked! Despite my dislike my girlfriend has raved about it, so my opnion should not be the determining factor in a visit. (I dont think they are owned by Paramont any longer.)
 First off, we are a family that brings snack, drinks and food with us into theme parks. We had waited in line for enterance for what seemed like forever and were informed at the gate we could not bring any food items in with us. NO SIGNS informed us before we got there! So we pretty much threw out  $10- worth of drinks and food at the door. Strike ONE!
Second, we are a THEME park family, we arrive early, avoid the crowds, and get on get off quick. Plus we have had season passes for Six Flags for years and are a bit spoiled, so the shear mass of people at this park was a total turn off. I absolutely HATE crowds, and hate waiting in line more then anything. I know it should be expected, but I truly have mastered the ART of stearing away from the crowds even if it means hitting the park in the rain, on a Monday morning when the rest of the world in school, to strategically planning what ride we will hit first, second and in between simply to avoid the population. ( We made it through and rode all of Fantasyland in Disney World before the wait time at the Peter Pan ride took as we were exiting into another land. Now that is Theme park SKILL at it's best.) Anyways, back to Wonderland. CROWDS..strike #2. As the older two waited in line for some wild and crazy rollercoaster with my Hubby, I made my way to the stunt show with my little guy with plans to find and save seats. We never connected, it was so hot under the blazing uncovered bleachers, and I got stung by a bee. Strike 3 and the day had just begun. It could only get better right? Once the show was over, I had nursed my sting, and found my family, we decided to let the older kids run wild, while my hubby, myself and the little guy made our way to kiddie land. There was much reprieve here. Less crowds, less wait and we got to meet Sponge Bob, Patrick,( Gavin's favorite) Scooby Doo, and some of the guys from The Backyardians  before we got to watch Dora the explorea dance on stage with her monkey Boots.
Despite the characters, and the smaller wait time in the childrens park, the day did not get much more inviting. Lunch was both expensive and tasted awful, and due to the fact that we were forced to leave our food at the door we were at the mercy of the park for food. We ended the crowded, hot, long lined, awful food day with one last ride; Scooby's Haunted House. To this day, my youngest remembers nothing of the ride, but everything about the hour wait! To end, Wonderland has always been recalled as the worst Theme park for the Beale family in history. Whenever we have been at another Theme Park and even have a hint of complaint about the wait, the crowd, the heat or the bad food, we seem to symotaniously anounce but it's not as bad as Wonderland.
I guess this concludes the Theme Park Adventures in Canada. The next Canadian adventure (which I will post in the next Flashback Friday) has been one of my all time favorite trips ever. The Toronto Zoo. Until the next trip. TTFN