Friday, April 12, 2013

Flashback Friday:Toronto Zoo 2006

Who does not love a trip to the ZOO? I love the zoo and I have been to several. We even had a zoo pass for the kids we went so much. Although we love a good zoo, there really isn't anything to different or exciting about most of them, but there have been a few that are note worthy and the toronto zoo is one of them. I loved this zoo! It is a large zoo, with plenty to see and lots to do. After viewing several amimals and engaging in several of the hands on activities, climbing the plaground ropes, we ended the day at the splash park (included in the admission) and that was the part that made this zoo so special.

 The animal enclosures were as authentic as you can get, giving the animals and the visitors the best senerio to their homelands. There were every type of animal imagined. I especially like it when you can get a look at the animals that are not usually featured at our local zoo. The kids had the best fun.

 The kids enjoyed the hands on activities and getting to climb, slide, crawl and interact with the zoo, rather then just gaze at the animals from behind a fence. The special fun was coming to the Splash Park. We were unaware of this hidden gem, and so grateful, as we were getting hot. Nice opportunity to stop take a seat and get wet!

 I'm smiling as I recall the day. I am also getting a little tearful looking at these baby faces of my young children. We truly had an amazing time. There was alot of walking, but so worth it. Everytime some one mentions a zoo, I always think about the great time we had at Toronto Zoo.