Sunday, April 14, 2013

Folksmarch April 2013: Liverpool, NY

Yesterday was Aprils Folksmarch. This month it happened to be in my current hometown of Liverpool. Mary, Carol and I started our thee mile walk at the Liverpool Library, obtained pins and stamps, found out a bit about walk a mile Monday (another walk) and followed the map through the village.
 I made theladies pose in front of the book. Carol had to pull in some props! I think she was making fun of me.

It was a wet and muddy walk and not to warm, but it was neat to walk through the village's back streets, its not often that I really slow down and observe the area. Although I live in Liverpool, I love way outside of the village, so I dont really know all the back streets etc of the village. Here are some scenes along the way.
 The 3 mile walk starting point. Liverpool Library

We all commented on this tree at the graveyard, and wondered just how long before the soil would erroid and the tree would fall into the street.
 Half-way there.
 Stopping for some kitty cat loven, and a chance for me to rest my sour back/hips.
 signs of Spring....maybe
 Onondaga Lake Park. We took part of the walk along the lake before we entered into the village again and walked along the little village shops and eateries.
I thought this car was pretty cool and the house next to it was PINK.
This little interesting sign post was out front of a house. Liked the Grand Central Station clock!
 Back at the Library and our 5K complete, I took a ride on one of the three Dinosaurs located in the library side yard! (They are sure cute sporting Orange and Blue ribbons for SU.)
 We said goodbye to Carol! While Maryand I searched for a place to have lunch. There are tons of places to eat in the village, and some day I will surely have a trip to the popular hot dog place, but today we tried something different. Off the Onondaga park was a little sandwhich place, that ended up to be closed, but looked really neat, so we went to The Retreat instead.
The White Water pub wasn't open, but what a cool place to enjoy when visiting the park. Going to have to look into this in the future.

The Retreat is pretty popular in Liverpool and although there was noone there whe we arrived the place was packed by the time we finnished lunch.  It as pretty good eats, and a decent price. looks like another fun eatery for a warm summer evening. There are several seats outside with a sign reading due to patio seating requests please do not stay longer then 2 hours. It must get pretty packed in the summer  

 I did not have my usual Burger and fries. I enjoyed a chicken ceaser wrap sandwich with fries instead.
Mary mixed things up by adding onion rings.
We had a fun time enjoyed each others company and got some walking in. The pins are so fun to collect, this months pin was a row of books.  Missed Tami, so we got to get her along for the next one in May. (hopefully it will be warmer).  Next Months walk is at Syracuse University, I better get prepared, I hate those hills! I plan to incorporate some more moving and shaking as it gets warmer.