Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I pretty much grew up at Syracuse University. My father attended his Graduate schooling there and  did some teaching there as well, so as a young child I attended several school events, movies, activities on campus and spent multiple summer breaks attending SU KIDS college to better educate myself. I also spent multiple weekends at the campus record stores as a tween, ate thousands of cheese burgers at the Marshall St Burger King, pizza at Varsity, and shopping at the Marshall St Mall. As a teenager I mastered the art of sneeking into the SU clubs and bars, crashsed multiple faternity parties, and for one fateful semester I actually attended class in my early 20's. I lived in an area called "Outter Comstock" a bus ride away from the campus, and when my children were younger I lived right on Comstock one of the main roads to campus. I graduated from two other schools. Cazenovia College in 1990 and 1994 (I left went to SU for a semester, tried life school free and had a child in 1993 while in school.CRAZY!) Then I returned to Graduate school at Oswego, which took forever and I finally graduated with a Masters in Counseling in 2004. Fast forward 8 years and realizing that I needed my license to go along with that Masters degree. I have returned to school. This time at Syracuse University. My return has been less then glorious and since I have quit my employment  it is even less likely that I will ever obtain my license as they were paying for the nearly $4,000.00 per course tab. Long story short, school has changed since my days. Assingments are sent in via the internet, I have my own personal site called the blackboard where all the information is at, and it is expected that you can use and fully operate the computers technological gifts such as power point presentations. I'm still learning and I only have three weeks left of school. It's a different world!!!! I am quite sure I am the oldest in my class, including although he has to be just about my age, the professor. I am able to keep up with the work, but suffer with the computer stuff and hated the fact that we were assinged a group project. (We finalize this week, and I get to go and be done with it.) My grades appear to be okay, although I mis-interperted a writing assingment and scored a 4/10. Given the opportunity to make it up moments before it was due I opted out and it looks like I will eat the 4. The plan was, although at this point I am not sure what I want to be when I grow up, was to complete the educational requirements and obtain that licensure. Currently I have decided I am done with school and quite frankly have no interest in obtaining the stupid license. (Hoping I don't regret that statement in the future). Anyway......Here is where I had to meet my group for one last finalization before our big project.
 Bird Library.
And here is where my class has been held all semester. In the mall, how funny is that.  I have three more weeks left of school for this class, and should I return I am looking at at least four more courses, maybe some internship hours (although I already have been working for in counseling for the last 15 years) supervisional hours, and taking the test. I am thinking although the idea sounded good at first, I am just not sure I want to continue on this path. For now, no regrets forward march.