Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Just a trip note.

Everything is officially booked for this summer's big vacations. I have finalized the camping trip and Niagara Falls and it looks like two of my GF will be joining us with their family. I love when several of us go together. Jellystone in about three weeks, and Maine in July. I am totally excited about both. This will be a meloncolic week. Friday is my last day of work. Ironically it is also my first PR party. I have been a little nervous of late, as a former debt. has shown it's ugly head and although I was unaware of it, apparently the creditors are not! It appears at this point there is nothing I can do but allow them to "garnish" my income, take my property/possessions and seize my bank account. I have been feeling pretty helpless, as I am POWERLESS over this situation. It really sucks when you have been trying to take care of past mistakes, and you keep thinking your accomplishing something and moving forwards only to find out that there is another thing over your head. Trying to feel happy that at least I have what I have in my life, but it sure does SUCK. Thanks for listening.