Thursday, April 18, 2013

London has a Dr's Appointment.

By luck, yesterday I happened to be reviewing my emails, which I seldom do, and noticed an email from the Toyota place. "Your van has service work sched. for today at 3:30pm" Opps!!! We forgot London's appointment. I quickly arranged my sched. to pick up my son, and once out of work we were off. Most do not think of bringing your car into the shop as a trip, but Gavin and I always have fun. London is our 2011 Toyota Senena. Gavin named her London after London Tippton from the Disney TV show with Zac and Cody, because she (the mini van) presents like a rich girl and should have such a name. Previous vans have had names like Bessy....and Bessy seems more like a work horse name. London was brand new to use in 2011 and she is quite stylish (for a mini van).
 Isn't she a beauty. This is her in Aug of 2011. Only having about 8 miles on her speedomoter.
  Ironically, she is the reason I went back to work in 2011. At a $450- a month payment, I needed to return to work. She looks a little worn for the wear over the last two years, infact about three months into our relationship, your truly smashed her lovely skin into a hidden bolder as I was leaving the job parking lot. WHO puts a bolder at the end of a parking lot anyways? I was so pissed at the time I stood in the parking lot screaming like a banchie! I finally had composed myself when a woman walking with her child gave me THE look as I was shouting words little children ears should never hear! London never did get a face lift from the bender, but she still is a beauty. We have attened to all other needs for Miss. London, oil changes, baths, tie rotations. And yesterday was no exception.
Whats fun about going to the shop? Well nothing really, but Gavin and I get excited because I love the FREE Kurig coffee machine and an unlimited suppy of yummy gormet coffees, and he loves (me too) the FREE snack basket filled with chips, crackers and cookies. Once we have London all checked in for her oil change and complementary bath. We both know where to hit up next. I enjoyed a french vanilla coffee, Gavin a pepsi and we split some really yummy cookies. All stocked up on the goods we lounge at the actually very comfortable seating area face towards the big screen tv. All of the pleasures of home, except we are watching soccer and clearly the other "guests" are enjoying the game. Gavin  resorts to his I-pod and I attempt to address my homework. I got 1 chapter completed and he destroyed some civilization, the soccer supporters got up and left. Quick I say, go find the remote. No luck, so I venture over to the window and I am able to retrieve the remote. We find some random daytime tv channel, he returns to the i-pod and I spent the rest of the time watching a talk show featuring what treasures are found in your attic. (approprite after attending the flea market last weekend). The last trip we had, Gavin had scored a balloon, and he wouldn't let it go how important it was to have one this time too. I am such a push-over I had to search for a salesman who I am sure has better things to do to get the little man a balloon. Task complete just as London is done. Balloon in hand, a nice fill on cookies and drinks, we depart. London is so nice and clean and were off back to our busy lives. I guess that is why I enjoy taking the van into the shop. It's not the free coffee, the cookies, the comfy seats, the big screen tv or even the balloon. It is the FORCED time out. During that entire hour and a half we had nothing else to do but sit. Relax, no time schedules, no test taking, no stupid computer systems at work. Neither of us had any demand outside of that hour and a half.  I guess that is why I enjoy taking London to her Dr.s appointment. During that small hour and a half, I am completely powerless over time and I can simply let go.