Friday, April 26, 2013

Quick post: A trip to Nottingham

 Let me quick shout out where my travels took me after work on Wednesday. I got a call Tuesday night saying I won the raffle auction and needed to come pick it up. Pick up was at my old High School. Hitting myself because I did not have my camera. I will be visiting again. Anyways it was so strange to enter my old school, and there was so many differences; at least in the art work and design. I even located one of those painted horses I have been talking about. I never would have known to look in the lobby of Nottingham High School. There is also a giant bulldog in the front garden, also not there when I attended. I cannot say it is nicer now, after all what did I know or care when I was 16? All I wanted to do was get the freak out of the place. So although I do not have ant pictures of my high school now or then actually. I do have a picture of my bidding prize.
Isn't it sweet. Four watermelon candles a cute friends (a duck and a turtle) candle holder, and sugar cookie hand soap from Yankee Candle. Tami's birthday is coming up and I think I might just give it to her for her birthday. So loved visiting my old school. I am thinking this might have to be a field trip with some of my old HS friends. Thanks for letting me back date my week for this small insert.