Saturday, April 13, 2013

White Ribbon Campagin and Some girl time.

Yesterday I left work early to participate in the White Ribbon walk; Walk a Mile in Her Shoes in Down Town Syracuse. This walk is called Walk a Mile in Her Shoes and men will wear high heels during their walk to symbolize being a women in trying times. It was pretty yucky out yesterday so not as many came out and even fewer actually wore heels. It was neat to see the several umbrella's and get a glimps of down town.

a monument in Clinton Square on Slavery.

 Clinton Square:


Trying ribbons on objects as we walked to help remind people they can help prevent domestic Violence. It was a rainy and cold walk, but we were all reminded of the struggles some people deal with around domestic violence. I was glad I attended and enjoyed being a part of the event.
After throwing together chicken wing dip, a trip to the grocery store (I did not save as much as I would have liked0, and taking my daughter to work, I headed to Cathy's for a little Girls Night Fun. It was a mellow evening and not to much CRAZINESS! We simply enjoyed each others company caught up on each others lives and had fun eating junk food! A pleasant evening was had.
 Molly, Doreen, and Cathy. Missing Renee!