Friday, May 24, 2013

Flash Back Friday: Natural Stone Bridge and Caverns 2009

My girlfriend Carol and her two boys are the exact same age as my younger two and they have made great playmates. The summer of 2009, we invited them to join us on a trip to Lake George. Our family had discount tickets to Great Escape so we maxed those out and also hit up the Village of Lake George and needed something different to do. My mother in law had the local area coupon book and we found this little gem nestled in the woods of the Adirondacks. The Natural Stone Bridge and Caves. The seven of us packed up and traveled about 45 minutes into the woods to find this place, but it was certainly worth the trip. The stone bridge although one of featured attractions was not our family favorite, we much more enjoyed the hiking trails and deep caverns. The boys especially were loving this adventure. Gavin slaying the giant.
 They all obtained walking sticks and began descending down  the trail. The scenery was beautiful!

Mark and me in one of the caves.

Going down into one of the many caverns. The boys really had fun with all the climbing. Ben found a  chunk of rock. There had to be something special about this, but I cannot remember what it was.


There was also a dino and fossil dig as well as several of these characters throughout the park. Here's an old miner in his little cabin in the woods.

We all had a great time enjoying this natural beauty of hikes and exploration into caves. The boys also enjoyed the gift and mine shop that was filled with rocks and other goodies. We purchased them both one of those smashing rocks. Geodes they are called. When you break them they are filled with crystals. The boys took turns breaking their rocks to see if they obtained a few crystals. I think they both walked away with some beauties. It was a fun adventure and much enjoyed. Now, speaking of adventure, we are preparing for our camping trip and have things scattered about the house. Why is it when you have weeks to prepare, you are still NEVER ready and I almost always forget something. Maybe we just take or have to much stuff. Till I return on Monday enjoy the Memorial Day weekend.