Sunday, May 12, 2013

Garage Sales, Castles, Geese, and Ice Cream

Friday morning I was blessed with the company of my friend Mindy and her daughter, this was just after I lost all internet connection and phone use. I was so grateful to have her company not only for the morning distraction, but she had a phone. I called time warner and no one could come out until Sat. or maybe even Sunday... Really. I enjoyed her company and also had a visit from the concrete guy and it is estimated that the pool will cost somewhere around $10,000.00 to repair. (CRYING HARD). internet, no cheep fix on the pool, no phone, at least I have my friend here with me to keep me occupied. We talked about the busy life, what has been going on with everything and I decided I was going to rescue her husband on Saturday (She works) and come get her kids for a day out. Gavin was into the idea as his game was not working due to the Cable it was a plan. Garage Sale's in the am and time with friends in the pm.
Friday evening was Close to My Heart Consultant club at Sandy's house in her NEW scrapbooking addition. It is beautiful. I love my monthly consultant club and these gals. We made some beautiful layouts/cards and we made some stained glass wine glasses and a coaster.

On Saturday morning, Gavin and I headed out to the Radisson Area garage sales. There we tons and tons and tons of them. (Reminder to not bring the boy to my next Garage Sale hunt, he pooped out way to soon.) After a few duds, we hit an area where he found a helmet that he absolutely had to have. I was not about to pay the $20- price tag, so I quickly taught him the art of negotiating. He got this awesome snowmobile helmet for $15-. I am still not sure where or when he will wear it, he claims on his bike, but he sure does not have a snowmobile. I found a few cute things and we (he was done) called it a done deal for garage sales and we were homeward bound.

After a quick lunch (Mark brought me home my favorite Broccoli Cheddar soup from Wegmans) I walked down to Renee's to use her phone and call Mindy's husband Carmen. I told him I was coming to get his kids. He was a little shocked but agreed and we were all set for an afternoon of fun. Gavin planned the antennary. Castle Park (Meachum School), The duck Pond (Webster's Pond), and Ice Cream (Gannon's). All of these located in the Valley section of Syracuse and once a common themed activity for my two elder children when we lived in the city.  Some of my favorite memories of my two eldest were made at these places so I couldn't wait to go. Maddie, Luke, Gavin and I were off to the park first.
 Castle Park, is what my kids called it when they were little and the name just seemed to be appropriate. It looks just like a castle and has towers to hide in along with a ton of other fun park activities; swings, a swinging bridge, look out towers, little wooden rooms, slides, swings and a ton of fun. We spent a good part of the afternoon playing here and had a great time.

 I spent most of my time following Maddie around. It has been a long time since I have watched a 3 year old and have forgotten just how demanding they really can be. I think I started a bad habit though, as soon as we got to the park, she had to go to the bathroom, with no bathroom in sight I asked her how she felt about peeing in the woods, she loved the idea. I had to tell her parents later what I might have started. She had to go again later. I think she really enjoyed the idea. Do what the bears do was what I always told my kids. They seemed to turn out ok and none of them have any psychological trauma as a result.  I love this shot of Gavin pretending to be stuck in the tire hole.

After some park time, we decided to head to the Duck Pond. Another one of my favorites and right around the corner form the Castle park. When Nick and Alexis were little my mom and I would take Monday nights to have dinner, library time and swim in the Valley pool right in the same area. It was always such fun and my daughter will always say, Mom remember when we would go to here and do this or that. We always had a great time when they were little doing fun day trips, I was glad I could take these guys too.
The Duck Pond actually called Webster's Pond is a stable in the Valley area. Almost everyone who has children will know what you are talking about when you say, the duck pond. The area is a safe haven for ducks, swans, and other fowl although the most abundant bird is the Goose. For free or a donation you can obtain a small bucket of corn to feed these birds, and (although there were few who would on this trip) some will eat right out of your hand. All three kids were armed with a $1- to donate and they each got their own corn to throw, distribute or hoard as they saw fit.  Gavin was the only one who had the patience or courage to get a goose to eat out of his hand, but Luke and Maddie had a great time throwing the corn at the ground or in the pond for the bird to feast upon.
 Caught one eating out of Gavin's hand. Most of them were not willing to get so close.

 Come on, come here... a little closer.
 Here was something a little different. A reptile in the bird place.
 A white duck. This is the ducks I think of when mentioning ducks. This guy was one of the only white ducks on the pond side of the road. There were several on the lawn of a house across the street. I love the Duck Crossing sign on the road, I guess they mean it. Those ducks seemed to enjoy the lawn rather then be in the park.

 The swan, I have never been so fortunate to be this close to the swans. There use to be two that would glide on the pond, but I never saw them on the shore line. This guy was not interested in our corn, and shortly made his way into the water.
 There were LOTS of these kind of ducks, but none of these guys were brave enough to come onto the shore and request some corn.

Maddie and I took a walk around the pond while the boys played on the side. We were in search of turtles, but no such luck. On the return walk I heard the duck patrol yelling at the boys to STOP chasing the ducks. Shame on them. We returned the buckets quickly and left ASAP, as the man in the wheelchair reported on what dangers cashing these birds could cause. I missed the details, but Gavin informed me later that 30 such birds had been killed by kids chasing after them, I can only imagine how....maybe they ran them into the street. I get that they don't want kids to chase these guys, but at least give an explanation for how they might get killed. Anyway...tails between our legs, we trotted off and drive about a mile down the street to Gannon's Ice Cream store. This ice cream stop has also been a family favorite for my older too. Gannon's is located on Seneca Turnpike just blocks away from another ice cream place Artic Ice something or other, but Gannon's always win for this family. We would often go on warm summer evenings, take a special trip just to get ice cream and sit on those funny painted picnic tables. Maddie insisted on rainbow ice cream, My kids and I are chocolate/vanilla twist kind of ice cream eaters so I figured I would ask. No such luck, she settled for black raspberry, Luke had some fruity twist and Gavin and I had our standby Chocolate/vanilla twist. It was YUMMY! I also love that Gannon's has a so many fun mural's to look at. We spent some time finding different funny ice cream scenes and  hidden cones, and we sat on the multicolored picnic tables.

 Had to get a picture of the kids with the giant ice cream cone. He is actually pretty creepy don't you think.

 Gavin taking a big lick as Luke is getting "attacked" by the giant scoop.
Ice cream gone, and belly's filled, we were about to head home when Luke realized he left his jacket "somewhere". Pretty sure it was at the park we retuned and yes there it was, but of course, we couldn't just get the jacket and go. No we stayed and played a little while longer. Pooped I finally gathered up the Saturday afternoon crew and we were off homeward bound. Kids had a great time, I enjoyed it because I got myself and my son out of the house and away from the game system. I am quite positive Luke and Maddie enjoyed the day, and most important Carmen had an afternoon free of children so he could focus on house hold duties. I think Mindy will be grateful to have some tired kids to fall out early after her long day at work too. I know I sure was beat and found myself ready for bed myself rather early. I had a nice dinner of burgers (even at home I get burgers), and watched the movie Silver Lining before I found I could barely keep my eyes open and crawled off to bed ready for another trip adventure tomorrow. Mothers day should be exciting.