Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Girlfriend!!!!!

I have really had to push the envelope this week with all the demands I have on myself. Yesterday started my last work week, and of course I have several things to complete, as well as do my normal before Friday sets in and I am officially done with SBH. It has a sad satisfaction about it. Additionally to my work week ending, I have to tie up my SU course and take the final online. Although this has it's advantages as I can use my book and have a pretty good idea about what is on the exam, it also means I have allowed myself to wait til the last second to complete it and now find myself scrambling to take it. Wish we had just taken it the old fashion way. Two very important demands on the list for the week, and I had to go and schedule my first Pure Romance launch party Friday evening at my home, which means I have to a. clean and b. get some food/drinks. Both witch require time, and I have yet to do a dry run for my presentation of my product. To make it all the more extreme Saturday is my first REAL show, and the women who's party it is has not made any preparations. Feeling a tab bit stretched, but despite it all, I did take a little trip to my friend Tami's home last night to wish her a big Happy Birthday. I had no idea her hubby would invite me over for cake later that evening, so I had dropped of my gift that morning on my way to work. I gave her my silent auction prize and she loved it. Ice cream cake, and singing Happy Birthday to a good friend was needed break in my prep work for the exam. I headed over and intended to stay a little while but as an hour or so went by, I finally had to make my leave and return to school books and obsessing over the things I need to do before the week lets out. I am in such value of my friendships and I am so glad to be a part of their special days, no exam could stand in my way. Happy Birthday Girlfriend.