Monday, May 13, 2013

Mothers Day 2013

A little late but Happy Mothers Day.
I have never been one of "those" mothers who feels that I need recognition for my parenting. In fact I would have been completely accepting of spending this particular Sunday like most Sunday's..reading my paper, spot checking Face Book and perhaps watching some of my favorite Sunday evening shows later in the day. Mother's Day brunch was not my idea, but who can say no to a beautiful buffet and no clean up after.
Three of the four children blessed me with their presence and their gift on this fine morning, so who could complain. (My step son spent time with his mother). Not only were the kids supper sweet, but my hubby even treated me even a little bit more special then he already dose. After some morning gifts, children hugs, and catching the first few pages of the paper with coffee, we were off to brunch at the Turning Stone casino. Mark had pre-ordered Mothers Day buffet tickets and we were to meet his mother there for the buffet and such pleasures as gaming. My own mother was unavailable to join us as she was off having fun doing what she enjoys most; at an art class. Her presence missed, with plans to take her out myself sometime in the future.
Spending time at the Casino has been a "family" tradition. We have had many Thanksgiving meals there, as well as a few Easters. This was the first Mother's Day event we have attended but I have to say the food was delicious. My mother in law had arrived on a charter bus and planned to stay the evening. We met her there shortly before brunch was about to start and we enjoyed updating one another on our lives. The kids presented her with a few presents and I gave her the NY Yankee pendent. She rewarded me with some cash and a beautiful shirt.
Breakfast was yummy. I had a made to order omelet, sausage, and bacon before I hit the lunch part of the brunch and consumed some mac and cheese, turkey and dinner rolls. Mark and my mother in law enjoyed the massive shrimp and scallops offered, and the kids filled up on homemade waffles. The desert was the best although there were so many to choose from I had to take several just to sample, and I sampled most.
 The Stone.
 My two older kids. They were so sweet. Lexi got me the giant card, chocolate, and a plant. Nick got me a flash drive to transfer my pictures to the new computer. Gavin got me a plant and a coupon book, which I will soon be taking advantage of. (He never cleans the house so I might have to cash in the vacuum, dishes, and sweeping coupons.) 

 Me and my mother in law.
 The man behind the Woman. My amazing husband who has supported my ever changing and crazy endeavors.
 The sample of deserts that I had to try. The chocolate pudding pie may have won first place as that was the one I ate the most of.
 The pendent that I gave to my mother in law. I think it is so pretty. She informed me that they (the Yankee's are Winning right now too).
 The Shrimp bar buffet. I so wish I enjoyed seafood there was tons of it here, and Mark claimed it was delicious.
 How about these amazing mothers day ice sculptures. They are Beautiful.
 This is the view from my mother in laws window. She scored a corner room. With such high points one can be rewarded with free stuff. Basically the more games you play, the more perks you get. My mother in law and my Hubby get a free room monthly as well as points towards gifts, meals and entrance into big games. I get a few perks about every month as well, but never score as much as these two do. Mark and I have had many free nights and basically free meals at this casino over the years. I am not doing the FREE dance as I am sure we paid for it in losses over the years too. There is not enough free meals or free rooms that can make up for the number of times we have left this casino BROKE.
My hubby took my eldest (now over the age of 18 gaming laws) in to the casino to show him the ropes. I had decided to let him play in my spot. I hate loosing and it seems I always do, so although I have had many days at some slot machines, I am not so eager (my money or my hubby's) to throw it up into the wind and kiss it goodbye. Nick has never gambled so they were off while my daughter and the little guy threw money into arcade games and at the store. Gavin played and won a dolphin, lexi shopped and found her friend a cute necklace and I just wandered the twenty and under store in awe that they could actually sell jewelry sets for 10 bucks. I convinced myself that they must be junk and bought nothing. Games played, full bellies, and Lexi had to be at work by 2pm, the kids and I headed home, while Mark and his mother enjoyed the rest of the afternoon together. I was able to spend the rest of the day as I had hoped in the early morning. Reading my paper and watching my tv shows. Brunch was delicious, spending time with the people I love was great, and relaxing the rest of the afternoon was a welcomed treat as I enter into week two of "retirement". This week plans to be pretty busy with every evening except tonight jam packed with stuff to do.