Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Princess, a reunion and is that a Ghost?

Friday was busy from the jump. I had agreed to volunteer at Vera House in the morning, so off to "work" at 8am. My son was so funny he asked, why do you work if your not getting paid. I told him I was paying my soul with good deeds. He wasn't sure how to interpret that, but he accepted it just the same. I worked with a women named Kaci. She is an advocate. She was a great co-worker and we keep the slow (slower then my Mondays) crisis call position, busy by talking. She is also reading the Game of Thrones series, and plays the Criminal game on Face Book. We had several things in common, and she was easy to talk to. Shift done. Homeward bound. Lexi had to get ready for Senior Ball, and I had to get ready for my college REUNION. The conflict in times, prevented me from getting all of those amazing ball pictures (I hope to obtain some from other mothers), but I did snap a few on my way to the Reunion. Here are a few.

I just cannot believe how fast they all grow. She looks so beautiful and I am so supper proud.
My friend Mary and I went to the Reunion. It usually is all weekend long and last year we stayed on campus. She drank a little to much and passed out on me. Not this year. We had so much going on this weekend, we only went up for the evening and had the Friday evening dinner. Some of our friends go up every year and we were able to meet up with them. We usually get a nice stash of goodies with the Cazenovia College logo on it. I have shirts with reunion labels on them for each year I have gone. Each year has been a theme, and this year was a hot air balloon. I am not sure what the theme was. Last year was a Vegas theme and the year before was Caribbean. One thing I know we do a lot of at these things is DRINK. I had my fair share last evening. Mary is my trooper reunion buddy, and Jeanine has gone a few times with me. We keep trying to get a bunch of us to go. Our 25 will be in two years so I am really going to push for a big one that year.
 Pictured here is Charlie, Mary, Me, Grover and Andy. Below is our table of goof balls.

 Diana and I cant remember her husbands name. She graduated in 1988, so we missed her by a year. I enjoyed their company.
Dinner was and always is good. I enjoyed chicken a salad, some pasta and lots of deserts. Plus I tried a new beer with blueberry in it. Yummy. We spent several hours at the dining hall eating drinking and catching up. At 8:30 was the start of the Ghost Walk.
Mary and I and our new friends Diana and her husband were the only ones who went to the Ghost Walk, so we said our goodbyes to our old college friends.
First stop was Hubbard Hall, my home both my freshmen and sophomore year. I did recall some discussion in the dorm about a death and a fire, but I personally did not witness any ghosts during my stay there, and interestingly enough, I never did any séances or calling of the dead while I was residing there. I say interesting because it is and was totally in my personality to play such games. I guess I was just to busy doing other things. Anyway, as the story goes, there was a fire in the 1940's in Hubbard Hall and a young female student loss her life. Reports are that she is seen "Phyillis" (this is actually the women's name), in several areas of the building. Often she is seen walking in the area of her death with her lower legs missing presumably due to the fact that when the college rebuilt there was a change in the level of the floor and she is actually walking on the floor that was there during her life. We did not see Phyillis that evening. We headed our walk down the main street of Cazenovia discussing other such random sightings such as the hitch hiker of route 13, and the ghost that produces waterfalls on walls of this one particular house. The walk continued to Cazenovia lake where a child drown, we were informed of a romance gone bad, and the death of an Indian Chief who's sunken canoe will resurface every 50 years from the bottom of the lake. I just did a google search and there are a few different stories about the canoe. There is also to be said of a women who is seen walking the shore and a child who cannot be located who cries for help.
 Here is our tour group discussing some of the Ghost Stories. I did some research and found that the team "Ghost Adventures" from the travel channel tv show had been here and participated in an investigation at an old restaurant (which is now gone and during renovations was when the investigation took place). Cant recall the name of the restaurant, but they had the BEST hot Turkey Sandwiches. I tried to download the youtube video with no success, but the CNY investigator is named Stacey Jones. I will try again too.
 No those are not millions of ghost spirit like started raining on our walk. The building in the middle was noted as having some supernatural occurrences.
This is the tour at Cazenovia Lake. I tried to get a few pictures of the lake, but it mostly just looked like darkness. I did not hear a cry for Help, or witness a women on the shore or a Native American canoe raising from the deep. I mostly wanted to find a bathroom. All that beer was kicking my bladder.

 Pretty creepy looking "Scott" wouldn't you say? This guy is in the Brae Loch Inn. There are several stories of the Brae Loch, although our tour guide did not inform us of them, our stop here was more to dry off as it really started to rain, and encouraged tour members to have a few cocktails. I jetted to the restroom, and Mary and I wondered the building of our own accord. It is said the original owner Scottie is seen in his Scottish Kilt wandering this buildings halls, and also a young girl in a blue dress has been seen. Guest rooms #11 and #12 have been known to have haunts and voices have been heard within, although there is no one in the rooms at the time.

I tried to get these pictures to lay side by side, because you really need to look at picture #1(above) then picture #2 to get the full affect. These pictures are in the upstairs dining hall. I had randomly taken a shot (pic 1) and stated if there is anyone in here right now (and it was just me at the time). Let me get a picture of you. I immediately took picture #2. Anyone see anything? I hadn't even removed the camera from my eye during the two shots. Some would say that it was simply dust, but I am going to conclude that I caught an actual ghost.
It was lots of fun. Can't wait till our next Cazenovia adventure which is usually in the fall at Homecoming weekend.