Thursday, June 13, 2013

Becoming a Panther.

I have to admit that I spent most of yesterday catching up on demand tv programs, and napping. I did do a little shopping early in the day, but totally was a big giant lazy lump for most of it. My son has been eager to play football for years, and every time we have attempted to sign him up, he has come up with some excuse, and last year somehow we totally missed registration. This year I was on top of it, and tonight was registration. We headed to the field, I went to the wrong place, but we eventually found it and began the process. I never realized how much of a process. You need this and that and some more of that, plus $130- which I did not bring, but they took my credit card. Raffle tickets to sell, and Gavin got a T-shirt. He was excited. The whole way there he was sure they were going to make him "try out" and he was terrified. I reassured him that as long as you pay, your on a team. Now what team, I don't know and we will find out later, but he is officially a Clay Panther. I found that this is a pretty competitive team. Grand prize for the number one winning team is a trip to Disney. Now that's exciting. So the pressures on, I told him I would volunteer to be a chaperone for sure on that trip. Anyways, it's official. My son is a Panther, and the life that I know, as a mom whose child is not playing over.
 Showing off his new team sprit.

  Better get selling these little gems, any tickets we sell will off set the cost of the registration fee. I need 130- GONE.