Friday, June 7, 2013

Flash Back Friday: Erie Canal Village and Fort Stanwix 2006

For Flashback Friday, I dug deep into my picture collection and found a past trip taken to one of the many Erie Canal parks though out the area. The Erie Canal Village is in Rome, NY located closely to Fort Sanwix where we had all gone a month ago. The Erie Canal village has several buildings though out the property and displays what a village along the canal may have looked like over 100 years earlier.
 On this trip my youngest and my oldest joined me on an adventure back in time. I regretfully cannot recall all of the History of this place, and I was not fortunate enough to have the school field trip advantage with all of the tour guides to inform me of things. It was a self guided tour, and with a young child and another one that really is simply appeasing his mother we spent most of the trip narrated by yours truly (who is no historian) and playing. 
 The grounds hosts multiple restored and some times re-located older building that were once a one room school house, a town store, a home, blacksmith, stables and several other period structures to represent what such a village would once have looked like in the 1800's. Pictured above is my youngest on a bridge over the canal.
 One of the many buildings located on the property is the General Merchandise. Perhaps the Walmart of our day.
 A few barns were scattered about the area and horses were some of the animals found in the village.
 Part of the village was a barn that house several antique motorcars. Here are my boys in from of an old coach.
 The steam locomotive had to be one of the favorite. This little engine, takes people on a short trip along the canalway.
 A view of the canal. It really was a narrow passage, when you think about it.
Here is a picture inside the one room school house. I tried to offer a little history based upon my LOVE of Little House on the Prairie t.v series growing up. I probably offered them t.v based information and more then likely included a girl named Laura and an evil one named Nellie.
The visitor center was perhaps Gavin's favorite part of the trip. He played for quite some time in the hands on area of the center. In fact I think he reported that was where he had the most fun. Sometimes I wonder if we could skip 90% of the activities I send these kids on, with simple puzzles. He also liked the train. My eldest, he found more excitement from the Fort that we visited after the village trip.
 I wont give to many details on this trip except to report that we enjoyed this trip to Fort Stanwix just as much as we did on the most recent trip. The look on my oldest child's face says it all!
 The boys in the canoe. I bet it is the same canoe from our recent trip.

 Oh this bed is hard.

On this trip we did not get to see the cannons go off as we did in my recent blog. The boys pretty much explored the encampment and played a little pretend. It was a day went spent. This was the first time we entered a stamp in our National Parks passport book. We have gathered several since then, and plan to keep entering them. I noted in Thursdays blog that Chittenango Landing reportedly had the stamp, but they were unable to locate it. There were several trips that I missed in the past as I was unaware of this fun little memory keeper. I missed everything from DC, and there are tons. Just incase you are also unaware, these are little books that you can stamp with each of your travels to the numerous National Parks and Monuments throughout the United States. It's a fun little reminder and cool to track your progress. There are websites where people have hit everyone of them or have made it a goal to do so. If you like the idea, I encourage people to google and explore the many different sites and look at all of the people's journeys.
I am glad I did a brief Flashback as I have 100 thousand things to do today, and I am running late as it is. I will re-cap Thursday and my intended events of today tomorrow and perhaps have more detail.
Have a good Friday!