Friday, June 14, 2013

Flashback Friday: Cooperstown: Baseball Hall of Fame (2009 and 2011)

On a return trip from Bube's in 2009 Gavin and I took a side trip south off the interstate and made our way to Cooperstown NY. It was one of those trips I had no plans on taking, we simply made a decision to go as we were passing by. I am glad we did because we ended up having a great time, and we were fortunate enough to miss any crowds. We caught the cheep shuttle trolley into town and were dropped off right in front of the Baseball Hall of Fame. We playfully explored the many areas of the museum/hall of fame building hitting-up the movie first and making our way through the Hall of fame, the history of baseball, entertainment years ago, a play area, and finally the gift store. In between we played a hall of fame game that entitle my son a prize upon completion.
I just love this cow. He is so cute, so is the little guy next to him.
 (I am having a hard time entering the pictures right side up, so until I figure it out, here are some pictures that are rightside up.)

 He's my little guy on actual benches from one of the stadiums. I cannot remember which one.
Some favorites were the movie, listening to a game on an old time radio, and of course posing with Babe Ruth. Gavin also enjoyed the game and finding the answers to the questions. We really had a great day and we didn't have to share the museum with many people, which I always enjoy. At the end of the museum, we walk around the town and purchased a world champion NY Yankee pez dispenser. Cooperstown is all about baseball, and everywhere you walked in this quaint town was a remembrance of that all American pastime. (I guess my pictures are NOT going to corporate and you are going to get them sideways... I tried everything and still nothing will change them, they are appearing in my retrieval area right side up. I don't know whats up.)

Anyways, we had a great time. So great in fact we both decided that we needed to take a trip again this time with Daddy and brother Ben. They are much more interested in baseball then I am, and would really like to see the Baseball Hall of Fame. We planned a return trip in 2011 and this time we went camping too.
On our return trip we booked a long Holiday weekend at Jellystone (of Cooperstown, but not in Cooperstown, and Bube joined us.) We did the same course as I did the first trip and began our visit on the trolley. We rode the first trolley in of the day, and I was pretty confident we would miss the crowds once again. It began apparent as we got closer that we were bound to hit crowds, it was the fourth of July weekend and it was going to be a crowded day. We planned to meet up with Mark's mom; Bube at the entrance and she was late, so we waited and waited and waited.
She finally arrived and I was able to score discounted tickets with my AAA card. (Always good to check out if you can get a discounted deal).
Even with the discount the price wasn't cheep. We spent some time gathering ourselves and missed the first showing of the movie. The boys got game instructions and took off ready to compete with one another.
I had to get another picture of this adorable cow.
Another sideways picture, but here are the boys infont of a Yankee locker.
Bube and my little guy.

Hubby in the Baseball Hall of Fame!
Me a future hall of famer. Yeah right!
 I am so frustrated with the sideways pictures, I needed to take a break from my blog. I really don't understand why it will not let me load them correctly. Trying to let it go....So where was I, bottom line is we all enjoyed ourselves, it was much more fun with my whole family (or most of it) and it was nice to have my Mother in Law come with us. After the Hall of Fame, we visited the town we enjoyed a nice, but incredibly crowded lunch at one of the restaurant's with some silly name like the Dugout or something (I cannot remember). We also stopped by Double Day Field, with all of it's history and caught a few innings of a little league game.
My Mother in Law is a big Yankee fan and has been to several games, a few years ago, she and the boys went to the last season before they closed down Yankee stadium and built the new one. My Husband is also a big Yankee fan, and had played baseball growing up. My step son, played baseball for a few seasons, and my youngest signed up for T-ball, but never actually got out of the van to play. I don't get that child sometimes. I played softball for most of my younger years, for several seasons I was the team pitcher. I also played in middle school and my freshmen year of Highschool; before boys became more important. (Don't tell my family, but I always liked the White Sox, maybe because they looked so good in their uniforms.) I really enjoyed the history of the sport and had fun examining the girls teams. Remember the movie a League of their Own with Madonna/Tom Hanks, and their is no crying in baseball. So baseball is a big staple of Americana, we all really loved spending some time in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.