Monday, June 24, 2013

FUN FLASH BACK: UFO's (Pine Bush, NY 2009)

I had been strolling through the WEIRD USA blog, and I was excited to see that Pine Bush was identified as one of their weird travels. I also was more excited to see a picture where I had actually been myself.
 After I completed my Bachelors degree I moved to Pine Bush, NY with my oldest son and his father. His parents live there as well and Tricia lived with us for part of that summer too. Anyway, while I lived there, there was always talk about UFO's and that Pine Bush was one of the #1 sighting for them on the East Coast. I never saw any, but I never REALLY was out looking either. Quite honestly the hole thought freaks me out.
As it so happened, I had decided to take my older kids to visit their Dad and Grandmother the spring of 2009. I had not been in the area in such a long time, so I got a hotel for the weekend, dropped my older kids off at their dad's and my youngest and I played tourist in my old stomping grounds. Pine Bush had changed quite a bit since my 1994 residence including the attractions about UFO's. Where there was once a back road and open fields, there was now Hotels and a unique diner influenced by of all things; UFO's. (I guess any means to attract people). I did a little more investigating and found not only is there a UFO diner new in town, but they host an annual UFO festival every year now too. Pine Bush used to be a small sleepy town with very little action, but apparently it was now home to several ALIENS and many more tourist looking to spot some themselves.
Searsville Road was identified as the area where the sighting were most seen, (Also the road with the new hotel and diner) and my own home was once located just off Searsville. Had I still be residing there, I could have easily seen the diner and the hotel from my front porch and apparently UFO's too.  TO THINK ALIENS COULD HAVE LANDED THERE AND TAKEN ME AWAY!!!!! WOW!
I don't know if there are beings out there in space, I'll admit I'm a believer of many things unseen IE; Ghosts, Big Foot, Nessy and of Course New York States own Champ, but regardless of their REALITY I sure don't have any plans of meeting any such things. It was fun to recall the memories made in that little town, and even more fun to think, hey an Alien could have been taking a stroll or a ride past my old home in Pine Bush, NY.
My little guy inside the UFO!!!