Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fun Zone Birthday Party

Yesterday, we were off to a friends Birthday Party. My friend Mary's youngest; Alex turned 10 this month and the kids were invited to his Birthday party at Fun Junction. This indoor game and laser tag place has been the setting for several of the boys friends Birthday parties, so they new of it well.
 Located in Cicero, Fun Junction is always for lack of a better word, "fun". Below is the Birthday boy with his Aunt Laura's Homemade Mind Craft Cake. It was a pretty awesome CAKE!
Here is a better picture of the cake. The kids got two games of laser tag, and several points to play the arcade games. Within minutes of our arrival, the boys were off to participate in some game of some sort. Below the boys wait for instructions from the party planner and get their wristbands for Laser tag.

Luke and Ben smile for the camera, about ready to do some Laser tag.
Once the kids were all set for their games, Hubby and I took a walk next door for a stuff your gut lunch at Cici's pizza. (My body is still paying for the indulgence). I was introduced to Cici's pizza while visiting Washington DC with my daughters Girl Scout troop several years earlier. As part of our strict routine and budget, the troop leader Margarete (I still miss that women), had found this restaurant and integrated it into our dining travels due to the price and the abundance of food. At my first trip I was sold, and we got some amazing deal with the troop. There was no such restaurant in the CNY area at the time, but we found it again when the family visited Orlando and Disney World. We actually dined there twice that vacation. It's not that CiCi's has this amazing menu, actually the food is on the low end of good, what is good however is the buffet style eats that keeps us coming back. Imagine an entire table of different kinds of pizza for your choosing. And they do not stop at pepperoni. CiCi's makes a pizza for just about anyone's taste, and if you don't like it, you just leave it on your plate and grab something else. I personally enjoy trying the different kinds of pizza. Yesterday alone I had; Mac and Cheese pizza, Garlic, Chicken wing, and my favorite of the day was a bacon/tator tot pizza that actually tasted pretty darn good. They had a few others that I did not taste like Pineapple/ham, and a hamburger pizza, which I am told is a favorite by many (Can you believe I passed on anything hamburger? I just couldn't get past the ketchup that was on the top, apparently anything else on a pizza was appealing, but for me Ketchup was a NO NO.) They also have a small salad selection, and a pasta bar with two choices red sauce or white. The white sauce sucked on the pasta, but it made for a hell of a dipping sauce for my garlic bread sticks.  They also had several deserts, even pizza based deserts. I was STUFFED by the time we left to return back to the party. Before we left I saw this guy in one of those claw games...Remember Hong Kong Phooey? Do you see him just behind the big eyed frog?
Back at the Fun Zone the boys had finished their first Laser Tag game had their own pizza lunch, spent their arcade game coinage, and were on to Birthday cake. We arrived just in time to sing Happy Birthday! (OH and stuff some more food into our fat bellies.)

As the kids were off again, Mary, myself and Mary's sister in Laws Laura and Lisa visited with one another. Her Sister Laura is always fun to spend time with and we talked about the kids, busy lives and nonsense. Lisa had apparently lost over 92 pounds (tell me that after I just ate more calories in one setting then one should eat in a week). I asked her about her weight loss, and was not so surprised that she meet her success with weight watchers. I really have to start looking into this, and stop making trips to restaurants!!! Especially those that offer buffets.
 The kids playing arcade games, and below is a picture of Laura and Mary.

Each kid got a sports bottle and treats at the end of the day. Mary concluded that this was one of the easiest Birthday parties (without the clean up) ever. She didn't even have to worry about the gift bags. 
After the party ended my Hubby
slipped the boys a few extra bucks to play some additional arcade games and let them loose. I stood around and took random pictures. Here are a few fun ones.
 Knock his teeth out!
 Ben won his name on the board. I'm not sure why they both have the LAW signature.
 Double fisted, Gavin takes aim.
 Pretty lights, I would have lost this game for sure.
 This was pretty awesome! A gigantic Connect Four game!
 One of my arcade favorites, auto racing.
 I just thought he was cute!
 Frogger never looked like this as a kid, and he sure didn't have all the whistles and bells this machine provided.
 After all that game playing, the boys cashed in their tickets, this was the reward. Who doesn't need a whoppie cushion and parachute men?
Lets not forget those sticky hands that stick on everything and aways seem to stay on the ceiling for a lifetime. I was impressed by the hackie sack, and informed the boys of my hackie sack days. They were not impressed.
It was a fun adventure, the afternoon fulfilled we headed home and I spent the afternoon finishing the second book in the Game of Thrones series. Yeah! I was determined to complete it by last night and I did. Now onto book three. Alex ended up spending the night at our house and the boys made a fort of mattresses in the livingroom, what an ordeal. Fathers day in front of us, with no definite plans we will see what the day has ahead of us. Happy Fathers day!