Friday, July 19, 2013

A new family member from Pen Yam NY. Welcome Riley

I mentioned that we have been trying to get a new dog preferably a husky well I found one for sale in Pen Yam, NY (still an hour and a half away from our place.) but closer then some in PA etc. So I made arrangements, coordinated with my GF Kelly who is still here visiting from Florida to join us as Auburn is on the way, and we were off to get our NEW FAMILY MEMBER.
 We left early got Kelly, her son Mathew and Katie's son Devon and made our way south in the Finger Lakes to the sleepy town of Pen Yam. The community is largely Mennonite and we got our new 13 week old Siberian Husky "Riley" formally Jaden from a Mennonite family who breeds dogs. He was one of 6 in the liter and 1 of three left of them when we arrived. Gavin picked "jaden" from the website and was not changing his mind and after we got there about which puppy was coming home with us.

We ALL fell in love! Isn't he beautiful? I am a little apprehensive about having a "new" baby in the house, but he has been such a treat. He didn't like the car to much, but he seemed to get used to the humans he was forced into.
We began our return trip home and decided to make a stop at Seneca Lake State Park to allowed Riley a good walk, get some water, and send these high energy boys into the Spray Park.
Seneca Lake State Park is located in Geneva, NY right along Route 5. I have made a few trips here, and it has always been a great treat. (I will have to do a Flashback Friday on this one). Todays visit was more of a along the way stop and not really a day event, although we could easily spend the day picnicking, playing in the playground, swimming on the beach or dancing in the spray park.

 Gavin would not leave the dog's side and walked, carried and snuggled with him most of the time. Devon and Matt, played in the park while we waited for the spray park to open.
Walking with Riley is difficult, he is just learning what it means to be on a lease. He was a big hit at the park, and several people came up to pet him. He was GREAT with people and seemed to tolerate most of the time spent in the park. He as were the rest of us were HOT however, and once the boys entered the spray park...all he seemed to want to do was go in and play himself. His whines convinced Gavin that his play time was over, so he spent the rest of the day holding the pup while Devon and Matt enjoyed the water.
(its a lot harder to go and seek out pictures with a new puppy on your person's...I missed some great shots of the boys playing in the water, but he is so worth it.)

All watered out the boys dried off, Gavin focused on Riley and we were off on our way home.

  Along the way we found this car hop style restaurant and stopped for some lunch.

McDonalds had been the boys first choice, but I just love hitting these types of places. We can eat at McDonalds any day. Burgers and fries, frosted mug root beers, and we were all good to go. The boys enjoyed ordering refills of sodas at the walk up bar.

  Gavins face in this picture shows how he was feeling about NOT stopping at McDonalds instead and tried of my picture taking.
We ended the day, by saying goodbye to our Florida friends, (for the moment, Kelly may be staying in the area) and back to the house to get Riley used to the rest of the household especially Peanut our pre-existing Pup, who is six years older but so much smaller. The rest of the family has fallen in love with him already. I have picked up urine, but Gavin has taken on poop duty. It's gonna be a long road to good doggy's, but so far it has been an amazing journey.