Thursday, July 18, 2013

Florida comes to visit.

My bestie Kelly was expected to be in town on Sunday, but Friday July 12th morning I got a call from her stating she was here and was looking to get together. Having just gotten back from vacation the day prior, I was drowning in "things to do", but we coordinated some times to meet and she stayed with us until Sunday night. We have plans to get together again on Tuesday.
Here are all of our kids together. (minus Ben). My older two Nick and Lex grew up with her eldest Joseph when she was living in the area. Kelly and I are like family and we met when we worked together for the state when we were about the ages of our older kids in this picture. She and I have been through so much together. Bachelorette days, men troubles, parenthood, single motherhood, new jobs, moves, family troubles, marriages, divorces, and anything in between. She and I have been each others rock through all of our young adulthood, and we have continued to be close (even though she moved to Florida about 9 years ago). She is one of those friends that no matter what you know she "gets you" and you can count on!
Having her come to visit and getting our children together was a great treat. It just so happened that July 12th was my daughters 18th birthday so we were able to do some celebrating as well.
 happy birthday to my beautiful little girl. Below is a picture of my daughter, me and Kelly.
We enjoyed ice cream cake, got caught up, the boys went swimming and then we took a quick trip to the SPCA.
 Before we had gone on vacation, Gavin and my husband had discussed the prospect of getting another dog. My son was very convincing, and it was decided that we would contact a breeder to look into getting a Husky puppy. The first breeder my husband had spoke to said he would not sell us a puppy because we already have a dog, so to cheer up my son, and hope that we could possibly find one he might fall in love with, we took a trip to the local pound.

These guys were super cute, most of the dogs were Pitt-Bulls or Boxers (MY LEAST FAVORITE DOGS EVER), but there were some cute ones that were not these breads.

We even found some puppies. I have no idea what breeds they were, but their little old men faces were adorable. One of them couldn't use their back legs. I asked and was given little information, but apparently she was born without the use of them. It made me so sad!

 We took some time to say hello to the kitty's. We cannot have them, hubby is allergic.

With NO love at first sight made at the SPCA, we headed back home to prepare for an evening of fun by the pool.
The boys had fun in the pool, while us adults enjoyed some adult only beverages. Tami, Renee, Carol and Kelly and I tried some new pink lemonade drinks called Kinky and consumed way to much alcohol, but had lots of fun in the process.

My oldest son, Nick and Kelly's oldest Joseph kept their crazy mothers in line and enjoyed the remember whens of their youth when Kelly and I would take them all over the place, and other crazy antics.

The night reminded me of why I do NOT drink so much! We all got a little NUTZS! but it was lots of fun. Thinking I will be taking a hiatus from the alcohol for a while. WOW!