Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Medical trips, a road to terrible news.

So far these last few weeks has seen me traveling to medical appointments, and we got a big blow yesterday. A few weeks ago, my youngest had complained (more of FREAKED out) about what he claimed to be water in his ears. I sought out some swimmer ear stuff, that didn't work, I got him some ear wax stuff, that didn't work we took him to the Dr. and nothing in his ear, ear looked fine, but he reported he could not hear. Yesterday he had a special ear testing and we were shocked, upset and concerned to find that he actually has loss hearing in his right ear. It appears to be permanent too. We have and nor do the medical people have any ideas as to why or how this has happened. I am devastated. He will need additional testing, but it seems he has some serious damage. I am still trying to deal with the whole thing. My son is handing it well and has come up with several jokes..."now if I truly do not want to hear what your saying I can blame my ears, or I never listen to 1/2 of what my teacher is saying anyways." I have tried to laugh along with him, but nothing is worse then hearing ANY medical news about your child. It continues to tear me up. My oldest son has been dealing with some medical truths as well. He claimed he needed an emergency trip to the ER last week, which landed us in Urgent Care and later that week at the DR.'s and yesterday he started PT, which he has to attend 3x per week for 6 weeks.  He has scoliosis. I personally have not seen a medical professional in several years (excluding the Obgyn) and recognize that I too need to address the reality that our bodies need to be attended too. I stepped on the scales on Sunday and I am up up up another 6 pounds from my usual obese weight. All of us have to address our dental watch our eating habits, and I have a few additional demons that are affecting me medically as well.  I am struggling with moving forwards with getting real about all of this as I tend to AVOID anything that I can't handle or don't want to address. My famous "there is always tomorrow" is getting more difficult to say, as the tomorrows are getting less likely to be there if we wake up. Truth be told more friends are getting sick, my parents are getting older, I have friends with cancer and other life threatening diseases. Some serious work needs to be done for myself and my family. Just thinking about it makes me crazy inside. I am predicting that there will be more medical trips to be taken, more obstacles to overcome, and more things to be addressed. Plan to make myself an appointment for a full physical and start myself off on a better healthier lifestyle for all of us. Since I am so into my trip planning looks like I need to make some plans on traveling to some medical appointments.