Tuesday, July 23, 2013

More POOL fun and back to "LIFE"

No current trips to speak of, we have been busy with the pool and the puppy. Yesterday I held a everything summer party (Graduation/birthdays/pool is finally fixed) Party. I did not invite as well as I should I guess and we only had a few friends and my parents, but it actually ended up better that way. I could actually enjoy myself instead of feeling like I was constant hostess. Puppy has been getting better with adjusting to the family and things are going well overall! Plans today include a few more friends over for a cook-out and swimming. I have decided on Monday however, I have to get myself back on some sort of schedule. Calls need to be made about my business, organized for Gavin's upcoming football, appointments need to be made, I have to get back to the gym, and start examining the next phase in my life. I have been on "vacation" much to long.
We have continued to enjoy the pool investment, and working on making the puppy use "outdoors" as his restroom. I spent yesterday morning working on an application for a state exam for a position at my husbands place of employment. My first real job was similar and had great pay. I have been reflecting over the "if I had stayed" with the state 23 years ago nonsense, and recognize that had I stayed I might not have my daughter and I most certainly would not have met my husband and had my two other editions. My pursuit to find "better" employment and "better" pay by going to school and gaining my degree backfired with regards to that position, but I have had several experiences I never would have had, gained a family and ultimately I do have my Masters degree although as bitter as I sound I realize it has done me NO good. Anyways, returning to the state, even if it is for the next ten years or so, getting some investment in retirement and actually saving some money possibly makes the idea of exploring this job as an incentive. I have been pondering over should I get the position what shift would be most well suited for my lifestyle and my family. A day shift seems the most practical, but then being a new hire, day shifts may be hard to come by, evenings interestingly enough would be the worst for my lifestyle...years ago that was the best shift, party after work sleep all day and off to work to do it all over again. I am currently leaning towards nights, yes it would suck not to be home at night and I am sure it would mess up my sleep patterns, but it would give me time in the morning to get the boy up and out, home and family time in the evening as well as my other business....and who really needs me or misses me in the night. Except maybe my hubby. It would actually work out well. Work, come home get Gavin off to school maybe even hit the gym first, sleep all day, and enjoy the evening with my family. It's a thought. It wouldn't have to be forever, just until a day shift opened up. Anyways, this is suppose to be my trip blog...not my life blog...so
We were able to use the pool all day Sunday and I finished my third book in the Games of Thrones series whiles resting myself in the pool and sun. It was lovely. I started the Fourth book and I am finding it difficult to get engaged in it.
 As I noted Monday I began the day with the application for the state exam, and spent the rest of the day playing taxi to my children and running around myself. I had to stop at my "job" to sign some stupid paper about the current/new job description, then get my daughter to take her to work, then my eldest son called reporting that he was about to call an ambulance he was in so much pain. STOP!!! No you are not calling an Ambulance.....(cauz I will get stuck the bill) let me come get you.  He had scheduled an appointment for Friday with a Dr. regarding pain in his back and I had hoped he would simply work the "pain" out. Any hoot! I spent all of the rest of the afternoon and into the evening at North Medical Urgent Care spent $30- on co-pays and Flexeral (Which I told him was all they would do anyways) and was pleasantly rewarded by my husbands "dinner" of pizza and wings. North Medical holds one of those horse statues I have noticed around the Syracuse area, but I failed to bring my camera. Possibly on Friday.
I spent the rest of the evening full bellied watching the True Blood episodes that I had missed while on vacation and found that I am not as angered by this season as I had been after watching the first two episodes. I have one more to catch up on which I hope to watch sometime today. I had, by chance found the Sookie Stackhouse books a few years ago at the Thrifty store and began reading them well before I knew there was a series on HBO about the characters. I was hooked and even splurged on the first season simply to catch up on what I had missed as I could not wait for HBO to release it on the demand channel. True Blood had become my obsession for a while and I even dressed as Sookie for Halloween last year, but when this season started and the last two years had strayed so far from the books, I began to loose interest. It has now become a "will eventually" watch from a MUST or WIll die watch.
Today, well I have already taken my Princess off to work, waited patiently for the puppy to make poops in the backyard, and played a round of games on FB. Next on the agenda is getting things together for Gavin's football, catching up on my cleaning and making phone calls for "party" bookings before I have to get the princess from work and take her to her college interview. Pretty uneventful day, but things that have to be done. Hopeful that there will be some fun trips to report upon soon. Til then TTFN