Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Family Vacation Part II: Lake George, NY

We all couldn't stop talking about the firework show the night before, but were able to discuss plans for the day on July 5th. We had one more full day in the area, and the boys already knew what they wanted to do. GO CARTS and ARCADE GAMES! But before all that, it was Breakfast time and we decided on this new diner in the area; Ambrosia Diner!
Nothing is better then Chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, eggs, and hash browns, but I had a sausage egg and cheese sandwich.
I think we will be skipping lunch today! That meal was huge!
After a big breakfast, we were off to The Fun Spot for some go Cart racing.
The Fun Spot is where the boys like to go when we come to Lake George. They have participated in almost everything the place has to offer. Ben has always done the go carts, and Gavin usually will decide to play in the playground area. Gavin was determined to step it up this year and ride the go carts. We go two tickets and he was suddenly backing down. He wouldn't go unless he went with his dad.
Now we had to get one more ticket, and it was cheaper to get four with the coupons.
 The boys were flying past us. First Mark and Gavin took the lead, then Ben came up on top. Gavin had so much fun with dad, he had to try it solo on the next go around, and who took the last remaining ticket? Well that would be me. I haven't rode in a go-cart in years, and I had so much fun.
And here I come. Looks like I could either be in last place or leading the pack. I'm not sure at this point. In the end however I beat those two little boys. Am I evil? I didn't realize how competitive I was. I started in the last position and spent each lap trying to get by these guys. I'd weave left, they would block me, then right and I'd get wedged out. I was fearless however and eventually passed them both. My youngest told me "Your MEAN!" when we exited the ride. What can I say? It's not everyday that I can say I beat them both, and I doubt that there will be any future events where I come in first in the future, better take every opportunity NOW.
Go carts races completed we were off to the Village of Lake George. We have been to Lake George so many times, I cannot even begin to count the number. We almost always, (who am I foolin?) we ALWAYS have to stop at the Arcade for some games and this trip was no different. Of course this is not my thing, but the boys (including the big boy: Hubby) always have fun. So speaking of fun, off to Fun World arcade.
The village of Lake George is like most tourist area's. You have your shops, your food places, your attractions, and your scenery.  Along the way to the village, you can ride a go-cart, bounce in a bounce house,  see a bloody pond, note a battleground, take a rollercoaster ride or plummet to your death on the Sasquatch at Great Escape amusement park. You can get a little wet at the water park or the beach, while tubing or white water rafting. You can ride a horse at one of the local stables or watch one take a dive at Adventureland theme park. (although I have never gone to Adventureland and I am told, none of the people in my current party have actually seen the horse dive including hubby who grew up here.) You can play a round of golf, drive some balls, or beat your loved ones at mini-golf while entertained by Pirates or Goonies at two of the mini-golf attractions along the way. On the beach there are boat rental's, para-sailing, water skiing, and showboat tours. If your a shopper, you have found your paradise at the outlet malls, or any of the shops along the street. If your feeling really adventurous you can catch a Hawaiian Tiki performance, tour Fort Henry, be scared out of your wits at a haunted house,  and watch a real western rodeo. Lets just say there is no limit to what attraction you can be entertained with in such a small area and it is almost always crowded, and we always have a good time. If your in the area I highly recommend a family trip, you will not be disappointed.
Anyways, back to Fun World. The boys have a system, they hit dad up for $ then try for the most tickets. (I know we could just as easily buy the stupid little $1- store junk ourselves, but the boys enjoy it so have at it.)
I think they could spend ALL day here if they had the funds. below is the day's winnings of tickets. They really do stack up. On most trips they come to over 600 tickets on average.
And here is the ticket winnings...Doesn't seem like much for the effort, but who am I to judge. If it was scrap booking supplies instead of goo in a plastic toilet that makes fart noises, I might think differently.
Finally done with the arcade, we made our way down the street. I caught a few shots of the attractions. Feeling a need to "scream"? try either.........Dr. Morbid's Haunted House, which I have
heard is actually haunted by real ghosts. Apparently it is located in an old building with ghost inhabitants. I personally have never made a go of this haunted attraction, but I have gone into Frankinstines haunted place and always get freaked by the room with the "things" in body bags hanging from the ceiling. We have also made it a tradition to get a picture of the boys with Frank who will make a guest appearance on the street every year. (I will have to make a montage of them some day.) This year he was not on the street, so I had the boys pose with his twin "dummy" located in the lobby.
Here are some more shots of the main strip in the village. Also some funny things I had to get pictures of.
There was a sign that read; $.50- for pictures with the bear. ( I hope they do not come after me, I never paid).
How about this little gem? Makin Bacon
Just what I need for my yard, the redneck wind chimes.
And here is the perfect shirt for DAD!!! It is so the truth.
 The big bull that rides around town. We went to the rodeo show a few years ago. It was AWESOME! I highly recommend it!
 Once we took in the main street we detoured to the Lake. I was hopeful that the boys might want to take a dip in the lake, but they were really just ready to go. We followed the lake path and made our way back around to the welcoming center.
There are two public beaches along Lake George the village beach which is free and shown below, and Millionaires beach which costs money. Guess which one we have been to? Hello!!! Free. There are several beach areas at many of the resorts and camps also located on Lake George too.


Some of the bars/restaurants along the Lake walk.
These fish imprints are about every five feet along the walkway.
Looking for a cruise of the lake? Here you can board many on the show boats for a lake cruise and even a dinner cruise. In the lower picture way in the back is the infamous Minnie Ha Ha!
Below, some Lake George locals....or maybe they just reside here for the summer.
A few weeks ago I posted about WEIRD TRAVELS, and had been excited to see that Pine Bush was featured and noted that Lake George; along with several of those tall Paul Bunyon statures, is also noted for this WEIRD audio- hallucination location. I asked my Husband about it, and he had no idea. I was supper shocked when I found it and had to try it out myself. The weird travels guide reported that if you stand in center and yell, you get this strange vocal noise that is non-explainable. So I stood and yelled! Yep! Strange echo? Mark and Ben humored me and tried it as well, both were a little less impressed.
Really? So what you wacko. I am sure that is what they are thinking.
I took a few more shots before we headed back to the van and off to Bubbe's to explore plans for dinner.
We made a quick stop at Riley's on the route home and I had to get these great big chairs!
Aren't these chairs great! We bought the boys some boogie boards for the ocean in Maine. (Thinking they would surly get in the water). Rileys is a souvenir store located both in the village as well as along the main road to the Village. CHEEP CHEEP CHEEP Lake George t-shirts and apparel if your interested.
Having had a busy day, and a long trip tomorrow, we made plans for dinner and spending the rest of the night being lazy and going to bed early. For dinner we decided on Recovery.
I had never been before, but it is a sports themed bar, with TV's (even in the bathroom) and sports memorabilia everywhere. A laid back place with some GREAT wings.
love the hockey stick and gloves.
TV's everywhere.
The wings were delicious, and so was the meal! Thumbs up for this place.
Wings were so good and the family gobbled them up quick. My wrap was pretty yummy too. Of course I had to have fries.
I could literally go on and on and on about Lake George, NY and perhaps I will do a collective post on all things Lake George and surrounding areas. There is so much to do and so many things to see. Plus there are tons of great eateries, hidden waterways, and forest trails. Ice cream is the best in Lake George and the fun never ends. But I have five more days of vacation to share on and we haven't even left NY state yet. So for now, I will say goodbye to Lake George and head on into the mountains, lakes and beaches of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. Part III: we make it to Maine.