Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Family Vacation Part IV: Arial walk, Zip lines and Lumber Jack Shows.

After finding out what the local area had to offer, we threw out the question to the boys. "What are we gonna do today". It was an overwhelming censes for the Action Park, swimming at the hotel pool and catching the lumber Jack show! That July 7th morning we went up the road from our hotel to the Wild Acadia Fun Park for a little play time.
The park was located on the main drag and same road as our hotel as you entered onto Mount. Desert Island. We had passed it twice the day before and the boys were excited to give the park a try. First up was the Arial walk/climb. The boys prepped with their gear, then for their safety once they were on this mile high climbing jungle balancing only with their own skills and a few wire straps. It was a little fearful, but we signed their lives away anyways and off they went.
Here they are getting their gear on.
Preparing for the climb and being educated on the ropes. I was still a little apprehensive, as was my youngest. He still made the climb and up they both went.
My youngest was so funny, you could hear him from the ground making fearful noises. We were getting hot underneath and the sun was blazing directly on us, so I knew it had to be weighing heavy on the kids. The pushed through the first level, but after a few set backs with the family in front of them and having to make a U-turn onto a more difficult passage my youngest was done. Ben kept going and ultimately made it to the zip line and free fall.
 Taking the zipline
He swung back and fourth for at least a good five minutes before they got the ladder and took him down. Pretty brave. I know I wouldn't have DARE to do any of it.
We found some shade, had some refreshments and we were off to the next adventure. The park had multiple activities to engage in along with the Ariel climb; including go-carts. We had purchased a package that had included the Arial climb and three additional activities. The boys had decided to ride the go-carts three times, but there was rock climbing walls, trampoline jumps, water slides, and water cannon fights as well to choose from. Just for those trying to was NOT cheep. The total for the days fun at Wild Acadia Fun park was $78.50 including three sodas/water. I am still gasping over that price, but we are on vacation!

   And there they go!!!!!
By the time we finished up with the fun park, it was well after lunch and we were all feeling sluggish and very HOT, so we went back to the hotel for some lunch and pool time. While at the pool I met a local women who gave me some area highlights and recommended this not so well known to the tourists, but a favorite to the local's eatery right around the corner from our hotel. We took the suggestion for our evening dinner and found it to be our favorite of the trip.
Jordan's snack bar was three building plus a pavilion for local events including and apparently most often featured gathering for historic and refurbished cars. There wasn't any car shows while we were there and we went to this "snack" shop three times after we made our first trip. One building held window ordering service and the kitchen, one had a dining room, and behind was a garage converted into an arcade. We ordered our food, all of us had some sort of Hamburger but my little guy who had chicken fingers, waited for our number to be called though the sound system, picked up Styrofoam boxes will our meals in them and sat in the air conditioned dining room. The food was delicious and the added family fun activities made the place even more rewarding.
The kids headed off to the game room with a dollar each and enjoyed some fun, while Mark and I found a nice spot in the park and playground area also located on the Jordan's property.

 Dad gives Gavin a push on the merry go round at the park area of Jordan's snack bar.

Dinner was great and having some additional activities added to the experience. I so enjoyed just sitting in the park. The boys were not as interested in the swings/slides and other playground activities as they might have been a few years ago, but I can imagine it would be a great place for those families with little kids. Mine sure liked the meal and the arcade. They liked it so much ice cream was the request for a return trip later that evening, but we had one more activity for the day before we could eat another bite. We were off to the Lumber Jack show!

 The Great Maine Lumberjack show was also located on the main road to Mount Desert Island and the same street as our hotel. Prior to the show we stopped at the Blue Ox gift shop and got our tickets, which really wasn't bad for the hour and 1/2 show. $11- adults and $7.50 kids.

I just loved the rustic look and how about these bathrooms. I have to say, these were the cleanest port a potties I have ever been in ever!

Considering all the "farts" that I had to deal with on this vacation, this sign was fitting. The boys and the man enjoyed bedtime fart contests on every night we were on vacation. Really? What is so funny about farting in the first place? All I felt like doing was vomiting! These guys stink.
The show started with our announcer assigning us a team of either red or green. We were on the green team, and each member of the team would compete in some type of lumber jack activity. They chopped wood with an axe, cut logs with an old saw like the one pictured below, did a lumber jack relay race, and even did a chainsaw animal out of wood. The animal was a rabbit, that when his ears were removed became a little child chair.  There was a ton of jokes to go along with each event, although corny, fun just the same. Additionally we were encouraged to yell 'yo ho', the call of the lumber jack through out the show, and the boys were invited up to try a hand at the saw themselves.
They had so much fun being a part of the show, they each got a certificate for their participation as well.

They also had log rolling contests on the water and axe throwing.
It was a lot of fun to watch and the kids really enjoyed themselves. After the show the kids obtained autographs and had a question and answer opportunity.
The kids pose with Patty one of the lumber jack's and announcer for the evening. The experience was thrilling, entertaining and we all learned a little about what it is like to be a lumber jack. Although these performers are not actually out in the woods cutting down trees for wood, they all are competitors and participate in lumberjack competitions all around the country.  
The show over and a long day behind us, we made our way back to Jordan's minutes before closing and had ice cream for desert. I had Maine Black Bear a blueberry and chocolate deliciousness that I will never forget, Mark had Moose tracks and the boys enjoyed their soft serve twist in a cone. The ice cream treat was a delicious way to end such an enjoyable day.