Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Busy Week and Weekend Re-cap.

This past week flew by and I cannot believe it is already August. I worked Monday at my volunteer job, Gavin had his ears check and we got the terrible news, Nick started PT, I spent most of my FREE (what the hell is that) time taking trips to pick up or drop off my daughter at work, medical appointments, or getting myself to work. I worked at SBH on Wednesday and Thursday. First time back in that building in nearly a month and it didn't take long for me to remember WHY I LEFT in the first place. I couldn't find parking and since I no longer work there I do not have a park pass so I paid for parking on the street and had to keep going outside to check and move it, finally the security guard allowed me to park in the lot. (there was an entire lot completely empty in the rear....that pissed me off so much....I later found out that once Administration is moved into the building, they will be getting parking passes to that lot...screw the current staff who will continue to have to park a block away. I don't know how many times I thought I would break a limb slipping on the ice and snow that wasn't tended to as I walked to the building from that stupid lot.) After dealing with parking, I finally get settled in my coverage desk and cannot get on the computer system and I am given back work (most of it done, but no one checked) from when I worked there previously. What if I hadn't agreed to work per-diem really now, I am suppose to be covering someone else, not dealing with back shit. 30 minutes later and so much wasted time I finally get into the computer system. (I still cannot access my email account or put in my own timecard.) The groups were nice and that is what I like anyways, and honestly I need the Money. So I suck it up!!!!
Thursday evening was the start of FOOTBALL.
Tami's daughter Allie had been left in my care (poor kid...just kidding) and before Football these two crazies went swimming in the rain...they loved it.

It was coming down hard too, when the rain lifted and the sun returned they decided that it was time to get out, complaining that it was no longer any fun without the rain.
We had a quick dinner, Dad bought Ben home with him, we packed up the van dogs with us and hit the football field. Gavin was so nervous. I was grateful Ben was there to get him motivated.
For 2 and 1/2 hours my game playin' do not exersizing, sit on his duff and snack on chips all day son busted his arse! He really worked it and I was so proud. He has a lot to catch up on and so much training too, but when the evenings practice had ended and my husband and I were ready to hear the complains and the "I quit"'s he actually said he enjoyed it. (Next week is four days of practice so we will see how committed he is after that...but so far so good). The coach came over and spoke with us and I got to meet one of the coach's wives. Michelle, (my neighbor was there with her son, who is not on Gavin's team) and once Tami got out of work she joined us for a bit watching Gavin practice.

The evening was long and before the night was up I was dying of thirst and the bugs were awful, (plan to be more prepared next time, and they do have a snack shack) but the little guy did great, the dogs enjoyed themselves and were on to a new chapter in our lives.
 Friday we did a whole lot of nothing. I ran around a took care of a few needed items, but otherwise it was an uneventful day. I had hoped to take the boys to Cazenovia's Art Park and perhaps Chittenango Falls as we could bring the dogs, but my suggestion was Vetoed and brought back up for Sunday (which we did not do on Sunday either). Saturday we took a trip to Longbranch Park in Liverpool to the Canine Carnival.
The event is to help find strays adopted families, but there was so much else for current Dog owners too. Anything and everything Doggie was at this event and I think our pooches were in doggy overload, I have never seen so many dogs in one place in my life, there were dogs everywhere. Both Peanut and Riley survived the event well and had no problems socializing.

Both dogs were a big hit, but Riley often took the spotlight over Peanut.

 There were booths like this throughout the carnival featuring dogs for adoption. Below we met up with an area Dog racing team lead by Husky's. The women grabbed up Riley and her dogs went crazy with jealously.

They were so cute, I didn't get a whole lot of information, but they do take these guys out and have them pull sleds.

I got a few more shots of these cuties before the boys tried their hand at spinning the wheel. Two Spins for $1- to help the Dogs. The boys got some balls, and things for the dogs, we also got Frisbees, water bottles and traveling doggie dishes for FREE! The dogs sampled homemade doggie treats and we took home several samples of dog food and biscuits also for FREE.

After enjoying the many dogs we headed home and off to my neighbors for some three year old Birthday Fun. Our new neighbors Jenny and Greg have twin daughters and we were invited to their Birthday Party. They looked so sweet in their princess gowns. I enjoyed a new alcoholic beverage called MoJo, that was quite good, and got to meet some of the neighbors family members. I also got to enjoy these sweet little girls as they played with cousins and friends.
Aren't they sweet.
We ate burgers from the grill and I spoke with their family before cake and present were opened. I was psyched about our gift. I had gone to ToysRUs after I noticed a big SALE sign on the door, but BUSTED when I couldn't find anything that was worth the money despite the sale. I really wanted to get the girls some baby dolls, but they were either priced out of this world or just plain ugly. I went to Target (by accident as I missed the Walmart exit) and found a 70% off Clearance sale. Just up my ally. I found Dora Dolls and Swimming floaties (so the girls can swim in our pool) for a total of $8- for each girl. I just love a sale, and I think the girls really liked the Dora Dolls, she signs, lights up, has a guitar and a colored hair piece that the girls can wear too.

Jessica with Dora.
After the Birthday party and to many MoJo's  and some girl time with Kelly on the phone, I fell asleep and later watched some tv and Saturday ended just like that. Sunday was spent with coffee, reading the newspaper and some friends time while Renee came over to visit. Later the boys and I watched Rise of the Guardians and had pizza and wings for dinner.
We all enjoyed the movie and ate our share of pizza and wings. Gavin and I after some heated discussion about continuing Football had some quiet time reading and then it was off to bed.
Yesterday I nearly forgot (as it was the first Monday in August) I had Vera House, then I took Lexi tanning and to work. Nick, Gavin and I did a little swimming (It has been FREEZing out and pool fun has been low in the list of activities of late, but I mustered up and did it) we made it to day #2 of Football and NO Gavin did not die despite what he had been claiming would happen if we made him go. Home get Lexi from work at 11 and that would sum up my Monday...BLURR!
This morning I woke up to find the damn pool pump is not working. I cannot take another blunder with that F&*(&^g pool! Hopeful that I can get it all taken care of. In the meantime, I am doing everything in my power NOT to think about it, as it will obsess me and soon take over all of my thoughts. Perhaps my son will wake early enough for us to hit Destiny mall for some video game action on the BIG SCREEN and later I've got Nicks PT appointment, get Lexi from work and get her set up for a bank account and finally FOOTBALL again. WOW and I thought this summer would be BORING!