Saturday, August 10, 2013

Friends, Scrapping and when will I stop "bitchen"?

Friday I ran off to my old job at SBH to deliver some PR items to one of my old co-worker. I stopped at the bank on my way and made a deposit for some new PR items in for my next order. Good thing too, because I am soooo broke. Back to the SBH site and ready for a Picnic Lunch. Is it wrong to get a FREE meal from this agency? Oh who cares it was yummy, and if they want to put themselves out there to the community every Friday through out the summer for people, what says that I cannot be included. After all I only went to this one and one a few weeks ago. I also plan to attend in a few weeks for the Women and Children's program picnic, (the program I used to run) only seems fitting that I should get a meal from that one, considering what a difficult position it was, and just how painful the picnics were for me when I hosted...Maybe I will mess with Mary Ann (she's currently running it) just a little.
Anyways it was catered by the Dinosaur BBQ and they have the best pulled pork ever (they also have the best coleslaw and baked beans too, but they did not have them at this BBQ), the pulled pork was yummy and it's even more delish when it is FREE. Plus I got to see people I don't get to see as often anymore since I quit, and since it is open to the community I got to see Jerry, my first co-worker in this biz and an amazing guy! I also saw Sandy who was my very first boss in the CD world. It was nice to see everyone.
This was not my actual plate. (I took this from the internet) I had a pulled pork sand, salad, chicken and cookies!!
After the luncheon I went to my moms..vented a little (actually a lot) and got some issues off my chest, she is GREAT to do this with because she never tell you what you should do, or gives advice, she simply lets you ramble on and on, and even when  she does talk it's always in the most positive frame of mind. That women is SOOO amazing, I don't know how she stays so upbeat about EVERYTHING, she taught me to see the good in people. After some of my ranting to her, I actually felt better about things. My dad arrived as I was there with my uncle, whom I have not seen in quite awhile and he looks well, so that was nice, then I was off to home, feeling pretty gosh darn good anticipating the rest of this wet Friday. Of course, I came home to a messy house and a big old pile of dog poop, just to ruin the positive energy that was streaming out of my pores. Damn puppy....He is driving me banana's. On Thursday in an attempt to make a dent in the mess, I had to sweep up the rug to get all of the pieces of things he has chewed up into a pile on the linoleum, because the vacuum wouldn't get it. It looked like we live with a GIANT hamster all those tiny bits of paper, shredded stuff and other nonsense.  He sure is cute, but a real damn PAIN IN MY ARSE.
Friday evening I went to Sandy's for consultant club. She does not have anything wrong with her brain thank god, but she does have something wrong with her back and spinal cord. She continues to be her cheerful self despite everything. We made some great layouts, cards and CTMH jewelry. I am not to sure if I like the jewelry line quite yet, the products are awfully bulky. We made some cute little clips last evening.
Lara and  Cheryl were also there. Cheryl has a new grandson and she is so proud.
 Lara anticipates that her husband will get the postal job he has interviewed for.
 I , in retrospect had nothing good to share....I really have to get out of my poor little me funk. Why must I stay so focused on the negative? Although I am dissatisfied with certain things in my life, I have so many good things and I must sound ridiculous when I talk. The pool this, the puppy this, the financial this, my kids that, my husband is....REALLY? Shut the F-up and enjoy life. I am not medically inflicted, I have great family and friends, I have a nice home...with a VERY nice pool, we are not starving and we have made significant movement with our finances. Really??? I need to move on with it already and embrace my life. 
 Look at these Happy People!!!! And all I do is complain. It STOPS HERE!
 Today I am blessed to have the means of my two good legs and ability to walk with two of my beautiful friends who love me for me. Not only do I get to walk with these ladies, but I have the means of transportation to get to the walk. Later today, I will have the financial resources to purchase my own groceries, and be able to fill my belly without the fear of getting sick or not having food. This evening I am blessed to have good friends that have included me in their special events and I can enjoy a beautiful summer evening with entertainment, drinks, music, food and good people. Tomorrow, I am going to attend a religious service of a faith I choose and do not have to fear prosecution. Later, I will be spending my day with friends I love, doing the things I love; scrapbooking and enjoying my relationships with them, in my home with four walls, a roof over our head, air conditioned if we please. Sunday night my family will return and I am blessed to know with most certainty that they will return safe, and that they love me through and through. Really....what do I have to complain about? The pool pump is fixed, the puppy will eventually STOP pooping in the house, I am not so broke that I can't feed myself, our bills are paid. Really in the grand scheme of things. My world is pretty awesome.