Monday, August 26, 2013

Shrooms and such at Beaver Lake

Today I was surprised by a visit from my mother and my eldest son who invited me, (Gavin stayed asleep) to Beaver Lake Nature Center for a little hiking in the woods. I was a little apprehensive with my back issues, but found I had no problems walking the 2.5 miles we hiked through the wooded trails. (maybe I am getting more limber or perhaps the 8 pounds I have loss has made a difference).
It had been an overcast day, and had been raining for most of the morning so the hike although a bit humid was not to warm. First a quick stop at the center for a map and then the frog pound. We got to see a few frogs too.

There was also a pretty array of wild flowers and Nick sought out a giant spider.

Then it was time for our hike.

We started at the Pine Meadow Trail followed by the Deep Woods trail.

I practiced my picture taking along the way and we all started to take noticed in the many mushrooms that were growing everywhere along the trails. There were so many kinds. I was glad my mom was there to help distinguish the types, although she did not know the names she could tell if they were shelf mushrooms or another type. I decided to try and get pictures of all the different ones we saw. What great practice for taking close up shots.
These brightly colored ones were so cool. I took several shots.
We kept seeing more and more mushrooms, and each of them was a little different.

ever seen a blue mushroom? Or this odd shaped one? Or these teeny tiny ones.
The variations continued.  I guess I never really looked so closely before.
These fun little guys.
 This one looked a little like coral in the ocean. Nick thought it looked more like throw-up.
 Here are two different kinds on one stump.
I think there are more of what you might call a lichen, I am not well versed on these things.
We all thought these looked a little like pancakes. Anyone agree that you would not want these on your breakfast table.
Not sure what to think about these little guys, they sort of look like corn nuts.
The final shroom shot, and this guy is pretty strange.
We found a few more interesting things along the hike as well, like this tiny toad.
these beautiful giant ferns.
a woodpeckers dream
another frog, my mom thought he was a leopard frog.
and one very old tree.
We all enjoyed the hike, and took a break at the lake. We did not see any Beavers despite the name of the Lake.
Nick says I have to keep practicing, some pictures were still a little blurry, and I missed a few animal pictures (a chipmunk, a loon, and a butterfly) as I was trying to get the camera in focus. I really sucked at these pictures of my mom and Nick with the light in the distance. Lights and shadows.. one thing at a time. I'll get there.
What a great time. I was excited to see that I can now put a check mark in my Walk a Mile Monday book. It's my first since I got the book about two months ago. If I do six, I can get a pin. One hike at a time.