Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tomato soup, medical appointment, a new x-box game and return to the Dog Park

Today I was absolutely 100% lazy until about 11am. I strolled the blogs, checked my emails and played Facebook games until it was lunch time. Not very productive, but enjoyed. At lunch Gavin and I went on a search for some low fat lunch and decided that soup would fit the bill. I found however that nearly most of my low fat soups in the cabinet were expired between 2010-2012. Opps! Apparently I have not been aware of the shelf life of a can of soup nor have I been so willing to eat low fat soups in quite some time. Our healthy eating and trying to work on our budget led me to using up the food that we have, and I guess we had several things that should have been eaten or thrown out a long time ago...and I was so looking forwards to eating the tomato basil soup. I ended up eating plain old tomato, at least it wasn't expired. I have however loss 5 pounds since our healthy life changes last week, and the rest of my family has loss weight as well. Is it we just don't have the food in the house, or that we are moving our bodies more, or just plain being aware of what we eat, its all working. 
After lunch was a trip to follow up with Gavin's ear and his annual physical. Other then his ear, he is physically fine. Dad meet us at the appointment and gave him his long awaited video game.
Waiting for his Dr. appointment and showing off his new game.
Saints Row. I have no idea about this stuff, but I do know we are on a budget.  I  guess this was a preorder game purchased by Dad and before we sat down and discussed a budget. Gavin had better not ask for much this year for Christmas. 
I cleaned up around the house mostly in my craft room before dinner and after we took the dogs back to the Good Dog Park.

Riley and Peanut both fell in love with this little lady. She is the same age as Riley, but not so sure about the rough house game play that Riley was attempting, and Peanut was like some kind of creeper sniffin and smellin all over her. They were both in LOVE. Her temporary owner (she is dog sitting) had to hold her most of the time, just to get her free of my love struck pups!! Really boys...where is the thrill of the chase? Day over and I am off to bed. Tomorrow brings some more daily activities, store, gas, and once again pool chemicals....fun fun fun.

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