Sunday, August 18, 2013

Weekend Wrap up: Small trips for School Supplies

A quick weekend wrap up. We did not make any trips this weekend, except for some school supply shopping. I did some re-organizing of the finances and some coupon seeking and decided on the 1 cent deals at Staples and then off to use the $10- same as cash gift card to Khol's. Thrilled that we obtained a $10- off the purchase of $30- at Khol's from Staples (weird, but hey it worked out well for me), now lets just hope they take both of them. I also had 15% off your total purchase too. As it so happened we found a $55- backpack on sale, minus the $10- same as cash gift card, and minus the $10- coupon I had just got from Staples, and the 15% off my total and scored the backpack for $18-. ALL SMILES!!!!!

I just love BARGINS!!!
My son and I have been good about keeping up on our exercise daily routine and we did some in the pool yesterday afternoon. I have lost 4 pounds so far this week and I am so pleased that we have all been doing our best to be healthy. The rest of the afternoon I spent some time scrapbooking and reading my Games of Thrones book. We ended the day watching one of those Austin Powers movies and then it was bed time. So nothing to exciting, just doing life.
Today, I am ready to go to SBH inpatient for coverage this afternoon, and I believe the "boys" are planning on a movie. Great day for both as it is overcast and chilly. Tomorrow promises to be busy, so until then. TTFN!