Thursday, August 15, 2013

Work and a little Jewerly

I woke feeling a headache coming on. My hubby noted...back to work and the stress sets in. Even if we can make that rational, I have to eventually get back to work someday. I just think it is the lack of caffeine, I have not had my "normal" intake of diet Mt. Dew in over three days. I have been downing water of late. It's cheep (free for the most part) and it's good for me. Stepped on the scales and I am down another pound. That's three whole pounds in the last two day. I refuse to get excited about it yet.
Working another 8 hour shift today, and then it is off to Renee's for her Lea Sophia jewelry party. I have no money and I told her that, so she is unlikely to see any sales from me. I will be willing to do a party for her however. That seems like a fair trade right? Tomorrow is fun day Friday...(I am calling it that). We have Ben tonight and I have no commitments tomorrow so we are all going to finally go and do the Art Park and Chittenango Falls. I hope to go with Mindy and her family.

Day over and of course I had to pull out the old credit card. I bought a $27- pair of earrings, which was about as cheep as I could get in what I liked. Plus I am doing a party for her next month. I get a FREE necklace for doing the party. Renee has purchased so many of my items over the years I could at least buy a pair of earrings. Still hoping to have a cheep day tomorrow and some activities included. Here is a picture of my $27- plus tax. it was something like $32- earrings. Break the budget! I also came home from the party to find 5 stinky puppy poops in my backroom, apparently I am the only one in this house who has a nose and takes the dogs out!