Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back to School, a good friend and DOG POOP!

At 7:45 yesterday morning I was at my former office working at outpatient. It was only to cover a 90 minute group, do the notes and I was asked to clean up someone's treatment plan for submitting. I left around 11:30 and headed to meet up with Mary.

Annually, for the last several years anyways, my friend Mary has prompted us all to have a Mom's lunch/brunch and toast to our children's first day back to school. For most years it has been at Tully's restaurant, but we have had a few years at one of our homes. This year, although she sent out several invites it was only the two of us. Of course it is always lots of fun when all of us women are together, but Mary and I have seen so little of each other this summer it was especially nice just to spend the time alone catching up. I have known  and met Mary during my college years. The first year between freshmen and sophomore year, she lived with my friend Carol and I in a rented apartment on Broad St in Syracuse. (This was our first time "living as adults" on our own.) She also met and began dating her current husband that summer, and the rest has been history. In total we have known each other and been a part of each others lives for 24 years. For most of those years we and her family, have shared several adventures with one another. This summer we were both simply busy doing other things.
Tully's was the plan for the back to school lunch, and we both enjoyed the food! (I LOVE TULLY's chicken).
and of course there were FRENCH FRIES!
She choose some healthier style of potato.
Our waitress was quite the character. I don't recall having one so upbeat and full of energy. It was nice to see someone who enjoys her job. Mary and I planned some upcoming events: Scare-a-Con, The Cazenovia Homecoming weekend, possible wine tour and perhaps a Halloween camping trip. (These are family favorites that we have shared in the past). She has planned a camping trip this weekend..(SHE HAS AN RV AND A CAMP, kayaks, and yes a boat too...just saying) as she is trying to stretch out the summer due to the fact that she just got back from Vegas (twice this year) and New Orleans (earlier this summer) to maximize justification for having the RV in the first place. DO I SOUND A LITTLE JEALOUS...well I am, but I love her anyways.  

The back to school luncheon was the reality, to me anyways, that here we are again. Back to another year of early mornings, homework, bed time routines, book reading, and way too many days of rushing! For my only child left in the is NOT one of his favorite things. His 1/2 brother Ben, likes school but he's not here to bring any joy to the first days back. So I am agonizing in the fact that we (my husband and I)  allowed the lazy days of summer to be LITERALLY...the  LAZY days of summer for our 10 year old, and now one day before school is to begin we are painfully trying to get this kid ready to head off to the 5th grade. The words "no! you cant." and  "yes, you have to" was the phrase of the evening last night. 
Despite the school day just ahead, we also have a toddler in the house who is DRIVING me crazy. I am referring to that damn PUPPY!!!!! NO matter what was going on for the first day of school, we had to do some sort of activity with that dog or I was going to kill him. When I got home from lunch; he had pooped two times, pee'd three times, and while outside being taught that OUTSIDE is where you poop and pee, he got up on the table ate one of my books and destroyed one very expensive pair of goggles. OMG!!!!

So we had to get the dogs out, and the dog park was decided even if we still don't have the dog licences we took the risk. Hey, it saved that damn dogs life because I was about to kill him. I did want to add that once he did poop at the dog park...who was stuck cleaning it up? Yep it was me.
While at the dog park I took a stroll to the lake and caught a few shots of the rowers, time for rowing practice. I think they look so neat all synchronized. That night they were only practicing and there was not a whole lot of rowing.

 A nice dinner, a trip to the dog park, and a return to a bedtime routine, including a shower. (showers are not included in those LAZY days of Summer unless it has been days since a chlorine bath!) and it was a night. I had to stay up and retrieve my daughter from work at 11pm, but when I quietly exited the house was sleeping. Of course the puppy couldn't be, and shortly after I finally put my head to the pillow, I smelled that on so distinguishing smell of SHIT!!!!! Damn you dog!!!!! Apparently, dog park or not, this dog is going to continue to bless us with a mess. He has already destroyed the decals I bought for Gavins bedroom wall just in the time it took me to drop my daughter off to work this morning. REALLY!!!!! 
Anyways, here we are the morning of the first day of school, and my little guy is not so little anymore, and does not want his mommy to take him to school and help him find his classroom, hold his hand and give him kisses in front of his friends. I did get a front facing picture at least this year, and you know all went smooth. 

and I even got a "hint" of a smile!
He was willing to get a picture with his dog.

and there he goes.....

I thought I would have more thoughts on the subject, but quite honestly I am just glad to see him off! Warmly I welcome the 5th grade, and wonder, just briefly if I make a go at being "that" parent who signs myself up for the PTO, and room parent, and all that goes along with that, then I think.....LETS JUST NOT THINK ABOUT THAT RIGHT NOW...and enjoy the fact that, for right now in this moment, I can WATCH whatever I want on TV, BLAIR my kind of MUSIC, walk around in my skibbies if I want, and the only one who will care is me...At least til 4pm when that yellow cheese box rounds the corner and the boy returns. 
Can't roam in my skibbies to long....I've got an inservice to attend at 1pm. I need all the FREE training hours I can get. So off I go.