Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day, a sign that Summer is ending.

I wish I was writing a big blog today on all the fun places that I went this weekend, especially since it is Labor Day and a sign that Summer vacation is coming to an end. But I am not writing on the fun I had over the last 48 hours, because other then my Walk and Wine Friday evening, grocery shopping, and house cleaning, I pretty much did a lot of nothin. Sunday I took a nice drive with my friend Carol to Cazenovia to view an open house on a 2.3 million dollar place just so we could get a look inside a 2.3 million dollar house. It was absolutely gorgeous, but  from what I saw I would want much more for my 2.3 million.  Here are a few pictures I stole from the real estate site.
It was really beautiful, but there were several weird things about it. The layout for one was strange, and where did they spend that 2.3 mil?

 The kitchen/dining room, livingroom and the back patio were AMAZING. But the rest was not that great. Carol and I enjoyed the tour and the ride to Cazenovia.
The rest of Sunday was spent enjoying the movie Olympus has Fallen with grilled hamburgers, salad and corn on the cob.
Mark did the overnight last evening, and it rained like Crazy. We have let the pool go so we can start to close it up for the season, and have started to pack up the summer supplies from the back yard. Today, if the sun comes out and I can get the kid moving and if my husband got some sleep on his shift last evening, I thought we could take a trip to some state park and get the dogs out walking somewhere. For now, laundry, dishes and small clean up.
I was going to get all sentimental about the Summer closing in and all the things I did not do, but have decided that I will smile in silence about all the things we did do this summer.