Thursday, October 31, 2013

With all the ghoul of Halloween..lets get pretty.

Last evening I went to a Mary Kay party. For all of my home business attendances, this was my first Mary Kay....Unsure of what to expect, but ready for a magical TRANSFORMATION. I have since decided there is not enough make up in the world for such a transformation, it still was a good time.
Here is Serina, Carol and myself with the final creations. I am thinking I have way to much FACE on that head of mine.


Carol and Serina looking pre-make up pretty. We were provided with our own make-up consultation and pallet, where each of us were walked through the application steps. What I found the most exciting was the make-up removal. I do not typically wear tons of make-up a little foundation, blush, and mascara is my typical daily wear. I might add some eyeliner and some lip gloss if I am off to work, but generally I am pretty minimum. With that being said I was shocked how much gunk came off my face with the removal. I might just have to invest in some of that.
 Keri and Deborah. Keri is Carol's co-worker and becoming a consultant. She is very sweet. Deborah is the well experienced Mary Kay consultant and owner of this PINK CADDY!
 SWEET!!!! But not sweet enough for me to even consider becoming YET another home business person. I will be ending my Pure Romance business as of today. (Due to lack of sales...I decided to hang up my Adult business...Honestly I just didn't work it like I could and it suffered as a result.) I am continuing my Close to My Heart Business however.

Carol and me with the final faces. Don't we look cute? I didn't purchase any products that evening, but did offer my services to Kari in the future. (I always host don't you know) I also met some very interesting people and had a great time. Poor Kari I think she had some of the "more" difficult clients this evening for her trail run. One women, had an allergic reaction...YIKES, a few of the women didn't apply any make up (as they do not typically wear it), one was in a hurry to go to another event so she was rushing through the application, some needed certain skin creams etc...and to top it off she had Carol, Serina and myself to deal with. WOW! Despite everything I think it went well for her just the same. We had a fun out of the ordinary evening....AND NOW for's OFFICIALLY time to get our HAUNT on for HALLOWEEN! Should be a fun filled day of Parades, costumes and TRICK OR TREATS!!!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Kicking the trips planned ahead.

I have been dragging my feet this morning, irritated that I have work. One would think, having no consistent working hours, a few scattered here and there would really be an easy task to take on, but currently I am kicking myself for agreeing to work today. I always have a difficult time on the day's that I am to go in...there is a reason I left there remember. I do enjoy the $ however and I continue to take the hours when they are given to me and as they fit around my schedule. I suppose I should shut the heck up and be grateful to have the luxury of choosing to work or not. Unfortunately today....I have forgone that choice, so I am stuck going in.
I began yet another "DIET" which I am not calling a diet...but a LIFESTYLE change. So far I have not lost a thing....not to be to disheartening. Typically past "diets" have proven to show a rapid loss within the first few days/weeks, and then I find myself back to my old patterns and the weight returns. Not to become to disappointed, I am keeping it positive and focusing on what I can do today rather then speculating on the "when this does not works". I successfully made it to the gym yesterday. I did about an hour in total of actual physical movement. I also made it out for a late night walk with the dogs last evening. More physical activity then most days, so I figure I am on the right track. Potentially plan to hit the gym again today and try to make it a regular thing.  My diet has been better, but I am not going to attempt to alter it to such an intense degree that I set myself up. I do know this well about me....when I hit something I usually hit it hard. History has proven that if I'm not careful I will soon be eating nothing but celery sticks and completing giving up on any diet attempts should I slip and have one calorie ridden snack.
My bad behaviors continued despite my mindset yesterday at the grocery store. After $168- sales,(I saved about $100- in coupons and advantage card savings) I had not purchased one healthy item for myself. I opted for subs again for dinner. Better then McDonalds or some other fast food joint, and a large part of the total was on meats(which we had none of, and I refuse to be one of those dieter that will not eat red meat, or will substitute turkey burgers or tofu hot will NEVER happen) .....but damn it not a single fruit or veggie made it's way to my cart. What was I thinking?
So............let me kick at the dirt a little here, before I charge onto the day that awaits. Work, the gym, oh yes and I am committed to one of those home business parties this evening. I have got to start saying NO! I think I have agreed to attend, host, peddle and tonight model ALL at home business out there....and yet I can not commit to my own side business. STOPPING...This is my trip blog...not my lets step myself up to break myself down forum.....with that I will say goodbye.
I added this picture after my post....I think I might just have the prettiest FALL tree in my neighborhood...isn't she LOVELY?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's been a ZOMBIE attack.

After Friday's party, the weekend was pretty mellow and we all moved about the house like ZOMBIE's, till we decided to take the dogs to the Dog Park. I was hoping to drag Gavin to the YMCA's haunted hotel event, he declined and we stayed home, ate left overs and watch world War Z with Brad Pitt. More ZOMBIES. It was an interesting idea. Those "could be real" movies freak me out, and I did get scared in parts. I thought the movie was pretty good. Here is one of the creepy parts where the Zombies figure out how to climb over the wall. If you do not like ZOMBIE's DO NOT WATCH either of my YouTube Uploaded videos.

 Sunday I went to Tamra's for a Lea Sophia Party. No ZOMBIES there, just my two beautiful friends.  Renee and Tami.

 Christine, was there too, which was nice to see her and  a few of Tami's friends I had not met before the party.  I ordered well over my budget. I must have been in a ZOMBIE trance. Sunday night we all got comfy in our pj's and watched The Walking Dead. ZOMBIES again. It was a great episode.

Monday was a little bit more adventurous. I worked at Vera House in the morning, took a quick visit to my mom's to get Gavin's Assassin's Creed costume that my mom made.

(It looks pretty awesome). No ZOMBIE's here, we got Subway for dinner. I am trying a new healthier way of living and we had nothing healthy in the house to eat, so following Gerry's weight loss plan we ate well.
In between all of the afternoon fun, I got a pretty scary phone call from a guy who was claiming to be from the IRS. The conversation proceeded with things like the police will be arresting me for stealing the money I owe the IRS and other such threats. I absolutely FREAKED out. Later I found that this was a scam to get me to give these people money over the phone. I never did give any money, but I was still a little fearful that the legal entities might just be at my home any minute to take me away. What a horrible thing to do to people. I must have sounded pretty CRAZY because the guy finally hung up on me.... he told me that my behavior was not how they do things, I was screaming and telling them that I was working with them and how exactly DID they expect me to behave after being told I was about to be arrested. He finally just hung up.
A friend of mine had a call from someone who informed her that they had her husband and if she did not pay a ransom they would kill him. They had all kinds of information about her husband including what kind of car he drives etc. It ended up to be a scam too. How incredibly sad is it when people have to pray on others with crap like this?
Anyways...back to the ZOMBIES.
After dinner, Gavin and I went to the Liverpool library for an event called Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse.
The event was all about how to survive a disaster, any disaster not just ZOMBIE's! The ZOMBIE part made it FUN.

After Gavin and I signed in for our trip into the ZOMBIE maze, we had a little time to kill. (nice wording hun), so we stopped at the additional event being held at the Library; a Health Fair. 
I got my blood pressure and my cholesterol checked. My blood was taken by a ZOMBIE!
My Blood pressure was fine, I do have to work on my cholesterol, which is a little high. A former co-worker (Kelly) spoke with me about the results. ( I had asked Gavin to get a picture as he had the camera, but he was off wandering around). I noted above that I have decided to address my health, and was pro-active yesterday by making some changes in my eating habits, examining my exercise, (I planned a trip to the gym, but I was so FREAKed, by the IRS call, I never made it when I intended to), and scheduling myself for much needed medical appointments. I have a new Dr. and a new appointment scheduled for Friday, my OBGYN appt is next month, and I need to contact Diagnostic Imaging for my yearly breast exam. (fun, fun fun). I have made some serious decisions about changing my overall lifestyle, and these are things that have to be done for me to live a longer life. To many of my friends are becoming ill, and I can't keep abusing this body. We shall see how it goes, one step, one day, one moment at a time. 
Anyways.....The ZOMBIES. All medically checked out, we made our way to the ZOMBIE maze.
 We took the elevators down to the Library parking garage, (that I was unaware of) and into the NIGHTMARE of ZOMBIES). Gavin was a little nervous, but honestly it wasn't that scary. Along our walk, were Questions about what one might need to survive a disaster. Gavin and I would stop and try to answer;
Do you know the answer? Most of us have heard the long buzzing noise and broadcast on our TV's or radio's, unusually it starts out with something like...this is a test of the emergency broadcasting.....had it been a real emergency you would be instructed....I have heard the real one's but only for Thunderstorms, possible flooding, possible hurricanes, thank God, we have never had to endure a devastating disaster at our own home. 

Once off the elevator we encounter our first ZOMBIE, she really didn't look to threatening, but Gavin was not taking any chances. 

Along the maze were tables (ZOMBIE FREE ZONES) where people talk about how to survive during different disasters. First stop was.
Power outage. We have all struggled with this disaster. The table presenter discussed some key items to have on hand in a power outage like flashlights, candles, propane stoves, warm blankets and clothing. We are pretty prepared for these events, and have survived all of them. I think I posted about loosing power just a few weeks ago. The concern was not over the abstinence of light etc, but not being able to play video games. God help us if we suffer a real disaster. We were given glow sticks to put in our emergency kits. Gavin used his immediately...thanks for the idea anyways. 
More ZOMBIES, and more Questions, more tables. We make our way through the Maze. 
At the Family Plan table, we picked up some literature about creating a plan on staying in contact with family including an escape route, a meeting place, etc. Since I have no cell phone, it could be an issue. This might be a need for our families safety. Do you think I can convince myself to buy one for that reason only....I guess it doesn't need all that extra fun stuff. I will admit there have been times, although not always an immediate emergency when having a cell phone would have helped me immensely.  Note to self...must get a cell-phone to survive a ZOMBIE nightmare. 
A few more questions. One thing we are not prepared with is water supply. Something to consider. 
A the pet table, they had some FREE dog food, they also had some temporary kitty containers which they were giving away. I never thought about what we would do with our pets in a disaster. Even in the Walking Dead, there are NO pets. The table's question was regarding how much food would be needed for your pets. The answer is seven days worth for each pet. I tell you we are SCREWED. In my house were lucky if we have a full days supply of anything.
For the most part the lingering ZOMBIES posed no threat, but they did get me once when we went around a corner. One jumped out and Gavin had prepared me, but when the second one jumped out, I did do a little scream....just a little. 
Really Wendy? A ZOMBIE in a pink sweater scared me....or maybe it was the guy behind her.
 This guy could easily get me especially in the dark and when I was not expecting it. 
At our last tables we learned about what foods we should have on hand. Non-perishables of course, canned foods are the winners. I am thinking I must stock up on Chief boy R dee! One of the other tables had safety and medical supplies. We always have medical stuff on hand, I think the only thing we lacked in our medical kits was gloves. They were giving some away at the table, but we neglected to grab some. Opps. At the end we got some more goodies and were given tickets for the grand prize drawing...a complete survival kit for an emergency. Lets cross our fingers that we WIN! I am expecting my call any minute now, just not on my cell phone.

We enjoyed some end of the maze treats; there was apple juice, candy eyeballs, and homemade fingers. 
 It was a wonderful evening and we had so much fun learning about ZOMBIE survival. What a nice "different" treat for the evening. Once we got home, Gavin prepared for a ZOMBIE invasion. He was totally ready for anything. He wanted me to practice too. I told him I thought I was SAFE with him to save me.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

2013 Annual Halloween Party

No trips, but Friday night was our annual Halloween Party. I can't say for sure when the"annual" part came in, but for at least the last 15 years or so, (although I missed a few years) I have been hosting a Halloween Party in some format or another. The first ones being in my home on Comstock Ave, and these way back when were in my hay days and usually were much more about "getting wild" then about getting together. The last few I am realizing are more Family based and much more food is consumed then alcohol. Fun just the same, and I LOVE getting dressed up, and Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday.
For the most part it is an opportunity for some friends that have been consistent in my life for several years, and all of us getting together and having a good time. Here are some of the pictures.
Me and my daughter. I had pillows in my rump to give me some added cushion, although I don't think I needed much.
Cool duds. My little guy.
Alex, my friend Mary's son dressed as Slenderman.
mary made these darling cupcakes.
David and Renee always have GREAT costumes. Love the look's!
Mindy and her little darling Maddie as Arial.
Mary looking gorgeous as a flapper.
Pat and Annie
Carol and Mike
Getting the FULL effect.
Mark did not dress up this year. He usually surprises everyone and finds an outfit at the last minute. Although I am not so sure what was up with the pants.
Tami and Allie. Marathon runners.
Thing 2 came after his shift at work. Carmen had some fun Dr. Suess rhymes all evening.
Luke with some fun shades.
 Steven and Tyler (below) who both took their costumes off almost the moment they got in, so I missed them both. Ben, whose picture I missed all together was costumeless as well. What is with these boys?
Enjoying the company.
I missed photos of a few additional guests and wanted to make mention of Rich, (Tami's husband) whom is always a trooper and allowed his wife to stay later and take her home when Jenny and her family arrived later in the evening. I missed pictures of them as well.
It was a great evening. Nice to see everyone as well as enjoy the festivities.
Me shaking my bunk a dunk.