Saturday, October 12, 2013

And the weekend begins.....

Thursday evening, hubby, Gavin and I took the pup's to the Good Dog Park. Not once since we got their licenses, have we encountered the Doggy Police. Go figure! I keep waiting for her and I am ready to pull out all of their records! Bam! Anyway the park was once again pretty full. Must be the warm October we are having. (Oh shut my mouth before I jinx it). The dogs love it as always.
Riley had a great time playing with this friend, while Peanut was not so sure about these BIG guy's, but he always holds his own.
There was this massive fellow...
and Peanut found a little friendship with a small Pomeranian. (I didn't get a picture, but she sure was cute).

Friday was Gavin's school walk-a-thon. Each year the kids walk for about an hour gaining hole punches for each lap they conquer. With each punch they can gain donations for the school. These donations are what affords the school budget for things like, field trips, activities, and additional school functions. It sure beats the traditional selling of wrapping paper and chocolates. Gavin is trying to get a total of $60- which will earn him a T-shirt, free rentals, Crunch Hockey tickets, and a Free pizza. Like most of these...both Mark and I have been recruited to ask for pledgers. Its a nice deal just the same, so I will be hounding friends and family for the next two weeks for donations.

And their off!

Gavin walked most of the trips, but there were some kids who were out for gold, and ran the entire 45 minutes.

"You can do it"

Just a few more laps!

Coming to the end, and these guys are tired out!

Rewarded with popsicles! And Friendships!

Friday evening was Consultant Club. I have been so out of the loop with my CTMH stuff. I missed the team meeting last weekend as we were in Niagara Falls, and I have missed Sandy! She was been struggling with medical issues for the last several months and on all kinds of narcotics to manage pain. She was so silly, when she called me earlier this week, I was not even sure who she was. First thing she said when I answered the phone was "Why are you ignoring me", when I said hun? She said it again. It took me a minute to figure out who the silly woman was on the phone. Glad to get together last evening for a little crafting and catch up.
Always with a smile....and aren't these pages beautiful.

Judy and Karen were also there to make the evening fun! We sure worked hard. 10 holiday cards and this complicated but beautiful layout with three flip flaps! Sick or drugged, Sandy always gets her job done and continues to make amazing projects for us to work on!

Pretty fulfilling start to the weekend I'd say! SMILES!