Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Columbus day, Fire Trucks and Zombies

I worked back at my old job Monday morning. I worked with an intern, who has been there for quite some time, so it ended up being a really easy 21/2 hours. I did my part, said hello to my old co-workers, and came home to my family, most of whom had the day off to celebrate Columbus Day.

It is so twisted, my thoughts of Columbus were as a child. It was only about 10 years ago, when I finally got the facts straight,(I still might be very off) and it just proves how our history lessons in school really distort our reality of things. Most of my life I was under the impression that Columbus was working with the Pilgrims, or at the very least, once he discovered America, the pilgrims settled shortly after. I knew that Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492, for Spain, although he was not Spanish and that somewhere along these adventures he acquired the Nia, Pinta, and the Santa Maria. In my mind, he landed on Plymouth Rock, danced and sang with John Smith and Pocahontas and could very easily have celebrated the first Thanksgiving. It wasn't until I watched the movie about Columbus that I realized, the man didn't even REALLY make it to America. Ok, so he discovered the America's, but not the part we live in, not the United States. Did anyone else think like this? What I continue to find interesting is how the US gives tribute to a man who never set foot in The United States of America. Why not call it Explorer Day or, Lewis and Clark Day, or Leif Erikson Day...(Or did that Viking discover Canada?)

Were there not other "break through" historic figures we could give tribute to when referencing the advances we have on American Discoveries? Isn't it also true that Columbus's discovery lead to the deaths of thousands of Native Americans? Didn't he (maybe not solely) bring Diseases and famine? I'm not petitioning that we re-write the history books, or that we abandon the celebration of the mans accomplishment, I guess what I am saying is, lets make very sure that our preceding generations get the full low down on this guy.
Maybe it's just me, I also, thanks to The Flintstones, thought that the cave men had dinosaurs for pets.
 Quite honestly, as a kid, I really only cared that we got a day off from school...so call it whatever you want.
Okay...so off of that discussion which may or may not have anything to do with the adventures I had myself on this Columbus Day. Possibly more NOT, what does a Fire Station Open House and Zombie make-up have to do with Columbus. Not a Thing!
Where do I begin?
My oldest child, had at one time presented an interest in becoming an EMT. I took his interest and ran with it. Since he dropped out of college, he has been working part time at Fed-Ex. It's not a bad job, and with dedication I am sure he could easily advance and possibly be some big wig FedEx dude for all I know, but his slight interest in the medical field made this mama react. What I found is, in order to obtain an EMT certification, you have to be nominated by a fire department or work for an ambulance/hospital company. I suggested that Nick join the volunteer fire department and later gain his EMT certification. It couldn't hurt right? That idea fell to the wayside, and he now has intentions of returning to trade school for welding. Sometimes a Mom just has to step back, and let the kid make their own decisions, so I had. However, when the flyer crossed my path about the village fire dept. having an Open House and that they were looking for Volunteers, I thought maybe, just maybe I could convince Nick to check it out. He agreed to come with me, and here is where the adventure began.
 The Liverpool area has like five fire departments, the Open House was at the Village Fire Station #1. The Open House offered an opportunity for the community to connect with the department, as well as fed this twosome (the rest of my family, although offered declined to join us) dinner for FREE! Hot Dogs and cider (again) and doughnut holes for desert. FREE is as always NICE. We ate our meal, as I suggested that Nick re-consider his interest in becoming an EMT. He actually filled out the application himself, and was seeking a witness signature as well walked through and visited the many demonstrations located though out the department.
It just so happened that Nick found a former classmate to speak with, and we got the scope on steps, trainings, and EMT. Nick was a little concerned about time and commitment, but he actually seemed interested. We continued to enjoy the fire house visit, and I briefly considered, well not brief at all, in fact I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to take a ride up in the fire truck lift and they were offering rides....(it is times like this I wish my kids were still little, so I wouldn't look like some freak riding up in one of these). Nick was supportive and encouraged me to go take my place in the now very long line. (It's for kids, not for 40 something women, what is WRONG with me?) After some long consideration I decided that I would have to pass on this, maybe next time.
We enjoyed the truck lights, I longed to take a ride and Nick climbed into the cab of one of the trucks before we decided to head towards the exit, get a witness signature and submit his application.
As we were leaving we spoke with the men who looked like they might have some more information, and they were also the guys who had the applications, and asked about location. Apparently Nick does not live in the Fire Station #1 district, so applying with this station would be a NO. Just my luck, finally get him all pumped to take the leap, and he can't even submit it here. Oh well, we had fun and a FREE meal. At least I put a bigger bug in his ear, and look I got some more FREE stuff as we headed out the door!
A bag filled with goodies. Included was this pot holder, fire safety instructions, and a rubber jar opener! A five star review would have been the rating for this little event...had I taken that ride and my son could have submitted his application. It might even had been a bit more fun, had my youngest joined us. Its all about the experience, and we both learned a few things.
The evening adventures had not ended here...no, not at all! The fire-department stop was a side trip along the way to my main event. ZOMBIE MAKE-UP!!!!
Our local Library was offering a class on Zombie make up, and I was not about to miss an opportunity to learn how to create those creepy looks. I don't have a costume for myself yet this Halloween, and maybe I might have found one......
Megan (I think) the artist works for Syracuse University's Drama department as well as creating mock injuries for the medical students at the local hospitals. Taylor (I think too) is a current SU student in Megan's class who volunteered to become Zombified.
The demonstration was not a consistent look, but more of showing of several applications for a Zombie look.
Here she shows how to apply latex and toilet paper to create a skin pealing affect. Just the application of the TP made the skin begin to look like dead flesh.
This is what it looks like with the tp pulled away and make-up.

On her forehead, she did an application of adhesive called Spirit Gum, and oatmeal to create a scaling effect.

The next technique was using glycerin and gelatin to create a melted or burn look.
There were all kinds of neat tricks (all of which I took notes on) that were provided to make the Zombie look. Nick tried this scaring technique on his hand.
I learned several things about how to create the Zombie look, most supplies can be found in your cabinet's at home or at your local Halloween headquarters.
Here is the completed look of all three applications.
 Add some tooth rot, some cosmetic contacts, and torn ragged clothing and it's SCARESVILLE! I think my favorite technique is the torn skin made of TP.
Pretty cool wouldn't you say?
I was impressed! I'm not sure if I am ready to Zombify myself for this Halloween, but at least I now know how to do it.
What a evening. I got out of the house, got a FREE meal, learned about how the local fire Departments run, gained a new awareness on HOW the Walking Dead make their DEAD look so cool and I got to spend some time with my son! Since I was at the Library anyway I checked out some books too! Over all it was a wonderful evening. GREAT TRIPS made! Thank you Columbus for making today a National Holiday and offering several local area places to perhaps be inspired to hold their event on your day. Okay, so it was a long shot, but I thought I would at least try and tie the Day in with my evening trips. TTFN!