Friday, October 25, 2013

"Enchanted" at Beaver Lake

Thursday I worked at SBH in the morning, and had a training that afternoon. Nothing to exciting. I have to work this morning as well. After work I pulled some warmer clothing out (it got incredibly cold and we finally turned on our heat for the first time this season) Cold and rainy it was all day.
Once home bundled up, I took Gavin to Micky D's for dinner and we were off to Beaver Lake for their annual not scary at all Halloween event Enchanted.
 Several years ago, I'd guess about 7-8 I took the kids to Enchanted with my friend Mary and her two boys. It was amazing, despite loosing a shoe, one child, and one kid threw up. (we found the shoe and the kid). There were games, tons of carved pumpkins and it was lots of fun. I went a few more times during that 7-8 years and enjoyed myself as well.

This year being that I realize Gavin is no longer going to allow me to drag him to these child like events, I pre-ordered admission tickets, and was excited to go one last time. Good thing I pre-ordered the event started at 6pm and was sold out by 6:10. WOW! You can guess how the rest of the evening went. My number one irritant with places is crowds, and it was CROWDED!

Let me at least set the premise of Enchanted, before I complain about the crowds....simply put it is hundreds of thousands if carved illuminated pumpkins place along two of the many Beaver Lake trails. It is, ENCHANTING, to say the least. Additionally there are games, face painting, magic shows, fall foods, and nature fun. This year they also had a family portrait studio, (which we skipped). We also skipped one of the trails, the shows, face painting and the foods.

I did enjoy the pumpkin carving contest, these pumpkins were amazing.

I did think that Albert should have gained a higher score, but they were all amazing.

We did enjoy the one trail, which was lined beautifully with pumpkins to light the dark trail. I took pictures throughout. Here are a few.

This is what I got after I stunned people with my flash and tried to take pictures flashless.

I think I need to work on better understanding my camera. I did take one more with the flash of Gavin and his personal favorite because it reminded him of his new pup.

We also made a stop to say hello to the biggest pumpkin ever, and the signature Beaver.

With the rain coming down harder, the crowds getting thicker, and feeling like we had just plain old had enough we headed back to the van and called it a night.

Perhaps I should stop right there.....I do not want to dishearten future Enchanted followers, but I will give a warning if you should intend on going next year. #1 PRE-ORDER your parking tickets, it will save you $5- and you'll be guaranteed admission. #2. Anticipate CROWDS. If your idea of enjoyment is taking a leisurely stroll through the woods exchanging thoughts with your party on the beautifully carved pumpkins along the path, forget about it..(you will actually move rather quickly with people both in front of you and behind you, your glimpse of the pumpkins will be brief. ) #3. Do pre-set your camera for NON-Flash, (Which of course makes taking pictures of these pumpkins all the more difficult when you are being rushed) trying to find the right setting in the dark is impossible, and they BAND flash photography, although I did not know that, and most of my pictures were using a flash. #4. Buy your kids some light sticks at the Dollar store and save yourself some cash. Your kids are going to want one, and they have them there, but much more expensive. 4. If it is cold and wet, truly re-consider if this is an event you can't live without. Nothing makes an evening of crowds even more unsatisfying then standing in the pouring rain, and freezing.  With that being said, It is amazing, it was beautiful and I encourage everyone to go at least once. Apparently everyone else thinks so too, cauz it felt like everyone else on the planet was there.