Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pumpkin pickin and corn fields.

 Tuesday was an added BONUS day off for my son from school. Superintendents day! Whatever that is, it gave us the opportunity to get out in the fields and pick some pumpkins. Lexi and her friend went too. The sign read any pumpkin $2- and I honestly was expecting some poor choices or some really small pumpkins, but these baby's were big and beautiful.
Originally, I had planned to go to Tim's Pumpkin Patch located in the Onondaga Hill area. Kate's is located in Baldwinsville, NY much closer to us, but with less "commercialized" activities.

 My rational was it is closer, and my kids have no need for all of that "extra" just to get pumpkins. They do offer a free Corn Maze, but no petting zoo, no wooden cut outs, no jungle gym, or hay stack to climb. They don't even have a wagon to take you into the patch to get you pumpkins, you pull your car right up to where you want to pick and fill up your trunk. It was well worth it, and we SCORED big on pumpkins. Gavin picked out three for himself, and I found two I liked. Lexi and Sydney found some they wanted to stack to make a pumpkin man!
We enjoyed selecting, considering shape, texture, fat, short, more round. It was lots of fun.
I found this little guy and thought he had great color. Apparently he was not ready for the season and needed to get a bit more ripe time before he could go home and become a Jack-o-lantern.
Some floral beautify found between the orange giants.
Once we were satisfied with our pumpkin fill, we simply drove back to the stand and paid.
 I had five pumpkins, and I also purchased some corn stalks to decorate my mail box. $12- went a long way, especially when I had looked at the crazy prices for pumpkins at the grocery store, and even at Hafner's last weekend. One friend informed me she ended up spending $80- on pumpkins and apples a few weeks ago. WOW! I just love those pumpkin carving kits you can buy and make the pumpkin look like a cartoon character, or a Werewolf, or some other fun Halloween like creature. We will definitely be planning a date to spend some time carving.
Pumpkins paid for, sun in the sky, and a beautiful afternoon...lets do a corn maze.
 When I was really little, like 3-4 years old and I would visit my Great Grandma Ruth, my cousins and I would play in the corn fields of Iowa. We would run, and hide, and run some more. I remember it being so fun. There were never mazes of course, but we would create our own paths find a straight one and run as far as  we could, or hide waiting to jump out and startle someone. Back then I didn't care if we got lost, or ever found, somehow on this my age...I dread the thought of getting lost.  Don't you guys get to far a head of me.....I call....WAIT!
 I don't think we found the right exit, but we did find a way out.

good bye...Kate's, until next year...
On the way home we stopped for a sweet treat, I really wanted an end of the year soft ice cream, but they were all out! Gavin and I opted for a slushie instead. It didn't really fill the bill, but my tongue turned blue!
What fun! Now we have some great pumpkins to decorate and we can illuminate them on Halloween! I am excited to get crafty with these wonderful orange gourds.
Later that evening Mark and I took the dogs to the Dog Park, and I spent a good deal of time reading books on places that are tolerant of dogs. Virginia seemed to have several places including Williamsburg, and Bush Gardens has a fairly cheep dog kennel on site. HUM! Apparently dogs are welcome in Washington DC as well. The family vacation planning has begun....oh no! Let the obsessive planning begin. Off to work today, then I have a Vera House training, and we shall see how the rest of the day unfolds. TTFN