Thursday, October 10, 2013

So what else has been going on?

Since our return from Niagara Fall's, things have actually been pretty low key. I worked my last scheduled day at inpatient on Monday. Happy dance.

Tuesday, Gavin had his follow up appointment with the ear, nose and throat Dr. He is 100% free of infections and the MRI showed no abnormalities. His "out of the blue" hearing loss this past summer has no answers or reason's, which is a good thing, but we really have no answers on why. Long story short, he has permanent hearing loss in his rt ear, and we will have to hope it does not get worse. It's difficult to accept that he has this condition, and stressful to say the least, but we are all very glad that there was nothing else wrong that may have caused it. Bottom line, it could have been something environmental or a genetic condition that was undetected until his water in the ear incident which amplified the changes for him. No need for hearing aids, we will just have to be aware of the loss and he will need to sit closer in class, as well as six month visits for follow up.  

In addition to the Dr. appointment, Gavin got a hair cut at the $5- place "The Hair Connection", down the road from our house. His hair grows so quickly. I wish I had my camera with me to snap how much hair came off his head. I got my brows done, and considering it has been since last year without my bushy brows waxed, there was a lot of hair removal there too. Gavin enjoyed making fun of my red puffy brows when completed.
Tuesday evening I enjoyed the YMCA FREE  class on Pluming.  This is a six week course presented by Lowe's, and it will be featuring some skill set on home improvement each session. I feel quite informed and confident that should I need to, I could fix the sink.
I snapped these product pictures so I wouldn't forget the names.
I think I could handle stripping the tub caulk and applying new after this class. There were some great tips and I sure felt empowered at the end. I might even take on the sprayer that I have asked Mark to replace several months ago. Next class is Painting tips. I feel pretty confident in this area, but would love to learn more.

Silly story about me and painting....Several years ago, at least 15. I decided to paint my living room. The process took just about a month. Every evening after work I would cover items in the room, and brush on layers of paint. It took some time, but it was finally complete. A few years later a friend offered to paint my son's bedroom. I was optimistic expecting the process would take some time, but it was needed so I anticipated several days and hours of the friend working diligently on my son's walls. About an hour 1/2 later he comes down and asks if I would like to see it. WHAT? How are you done so quickly? He just looked at me. Anyways my son's room was beautifully painted. As it turned out....I thought that the roller was ONLY for ceilings. It took me so long to do my living room because I painted the entire room with about a 5 inch diameter paint brush. Lesson learned I was painting everything...and in much less time. These classes may prove to be more enlightening then I can imagine.

Wednesday, I spent the morning deep cleaning the rugs/blankets and anything that the dogs have contact with. Both dogs have flea's. I feel terrible for them. Peanut will itch and scratch himself raw. I pick up some VERY expensive flea, tick, lice, larva,  mites and whatever else dip and dosed both pups and left them in the sun for most of the morning as I cleaned, vacuumed and soaked. I'm still watching, and so far they both seem to be scratching less. I also did some research on finding doggy medical care. We have had Riley for about three months, and we should have connected him to a vet right from day one, but we just didn't.. we are bad parents, but recognizing that he will need shots, as well as someday soon getting spayed, I needed to get on top of that. Peanut has a vet in town, but I always felt robbed when I went to check out. Some of the routine visits were well into a few hundred dollars, and I had difficulty with emergency visit with the place in the past as well. They both need a new Dr. My former vet. (for my cats several years ago) was with Town and Country in the city, they were always accommodating,  friendly and best of all cheep. I gave them a call explained my financial concerns and was able to score a 2 for 1 initial visit fee of $31-. I was told of what the standard shots were, told her I had already obtained rabies shots, and they will only need distemper at this point, unless I need a full panel (for boarding and that is for another paragraph), nail clipping and flea medications etc. Both dogs, shots and the visit will cost $95-. Much better then the few hundred I could expect from our former vet. I still need spaying for Riley, but I plan to explore some financial assistance with that before I go with the $145- quote I  was given, even if it may be the cheapest price I can find, I want to investigate first. So with that done, let me explain some doggy concerns for this love to travel gal.

We had anticipated a visit to Mark's mothers next weekend. We both knew that visits to his mothers would be a juggle with a new dog, Peanut has always been easy to pawn off onto friends or the older kids etc., but Riley would be a much different story. He is bigger and has more NEEDS. The older kids are an option, but I can't always depend on them to be here like they say they will, so it is a gamble. Friends who have indicated they would help is another option, but with Riley still learning the art of the potty is a burden I don't want to put on my friends, so boarding was the key. I looked into it, and most in the area are daycare only, or the dog has to be over 1 year, potty trained, spayed/neutered and have a host of shots. All of which we will not have in the time frame before next weekend. Riley still has nearly 6 months before he is a year old, so it will be some time before he is even eligible to board. So my first thought was we simply wont go. We can always find things to do around here, my mother in law is coming in November, and day trips are much easier/cheaper then a weekend in Lake George. Apparently we are still going. Mark insists, and the boys are looking forward to it, so we will have to examine some new ideas. It might mean paying my 20 year old to stay here for the weekend, feed him and quite possibly offer up the car so he can get to and from work. I have not presented the car part to my husband as of yet, or the idea of dog sitting to my son as of yet either. My daughter although she lives here, tends to be here less then her older brother who does not live here. I'm sure it will all work out. As if now, we are planning a fall trip to Lake George and Fright Fest.

So what else has been going on? Not much, I did some scrapbooking yesterday after I picked up over 190 pictures from Walmart, and we brought the brew to the Good Dog Park last evening. I had never seen so many pups. There had to be at least 20 dogs in that park. There were so many it was hard keeping an eye on my two. Peanut stayed pretty close, which is unusual, he typically keeps to himself sniffing the bushes, fences, and such but is never close by. Riley ran himself silly and played well. The dog park has definitely been a nice addition to our weekly routine, as they both need the socialization and it poops the pups out, so evening hours are a little less crazy.

With the new season of tv shows starting these past few weeks, I have been spending much more time with my face glued to the tv in the evening, and last night after picking my darling daughter up from work at 11pm I caught the show; An American Horror Story as suggested by my gal pal Kelly. It is definitely in my genre of shows to watch, so I might have found a new weekly show. Of course I have caught the new season of Ghost Hunters, and anticipate The Walking Dead to air on Sunday. Hell what else are you going to do on these cooler dark evenings this season? blank, so I'm not sure what I will be until next time....TTFN